A ‘MISSION ONE’ Project! Mangalorean Marvin Fernandes Can Turn TRASH into TILES

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A MISSION ONE Project! Mangalorean Marvin Fernandes Can Turn TRASH Into Unique TILES- And This Initiative Is Part Of The Project ‘MISSION ONE’ Which Was Launched Recently

Mangaluru: Imagine a 31-year-old man giving up a high-paid job in Qatar and returning to his hometown-Mangaluru to work on his decade-long dream of uniting people to work for various social causes. Meet Marvin Fernandes, hailing from Shivabagh, Mangaluru having started his initiative as project ‘MISSION ONE’, where one of his recent projects is turning TRASH into TILES. And with the support of like-minded youngsters, Marvin has been working on environmental issues for the past several years. In order to give a boost to his initiative, Marvin says that his aim is to unite people to work towards a common goal.

“We have launched Frequen-C, through which we organize free wellness sessions and introduce people to new-age musical instruments that are played and blended with the sound of nature so that people get an opportunity to unwind and connect with nature. Regarding this new initiative, having lived in Mumbai and Mangaluru, I have been participating in various cleanliness drives at beaches and near-forest areas. I realized that during such drives we collect a lot of trash, especially plastic that cannot be recycled. For a long time, I have been researching on how to make the best use of rejected waste plastic, and we finally decided to make tiles that can also be used as interlocks” said Marvin.

He further said, “These tiles have been treated by blending rejected plastic sand industrial waste that is available in plenty. This prototype is ready and we successfully completed the compression test on a sample at a laboratory in Yeyyadi a few days ago. Regarding the tiles we produced from the waste material, we are in the process of patenting the product, and will approach the government and Mangaluru City Corporation with a request and permission for setting up a unit at the Pachannady landfill”.

Marvin Fernandes is also working on developing a strong R & D team for districts to identify the environmental issues, and together find a solution and unite people to solve these issues. Further, he is also working on forming a research team to match industries producing heavy waste and create a parallel industry to utilize that waste.

Later, during an interaction with Team Mangalorean, Marvin gave elaborate details saying, “I grew up in a society where time was given the topmost priority. Felt like people were programmed in a very manipulated way, it seemed like the choices offered to us were more like force and the real freedom was hidden from us. The major part of the society is dependent on the fewer individuals which is nothing but death to creativity. People live as if the world was created only for them and I don’t blame them because that’s what has been taught to us by our jumbled education and not for the capability of the individual.

“The society feels they are unable to stop and that is because they are operated by someone else and the individual doesn’t function with a conscious mind. But I couldn’t behave like one of them and decided whatever it takes I will not be a part of this routine society. I didn’t want to be a hypocrite. So, I quit my highly paying oil field job and decided to work on my decade long dream of uniting people to work for various social causes and named this Mission as ONE- we are all one. Though our team has been working on environmental issues for a long time, it’s now time to scale things up. Work towards changing the outlook of the society by being the ‘change’ and listen to the voice of the voiceless”.

“Also being a part of Solid waste management in multiple places the thing that always bothered me was what are we going to do with rejected waste and that’s when I decided I am going to work on it and give it back to the society and try and and make a product to feed the needs of the society by providing to construction industry. So, after multiple attempts of trying rejected waste with industrial waste, this is what we have got and we also did a compression test on it and to our surprise, the tile could take more than 875 KN and the test was successful. Hope to receive help from the government/corporation for setting up a unit to take this process further. We can prepare tiles, bricks, interlocks, pillars and various other items with this formula. We are also in the process of patenting this product,” said Marvin Fernandes.

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