Nightmarish Net Mania: Bollywood Stars’ dignity at risk!!

Who is to be blamed? Well, we ape the west and we love to give a culture shock to our people, the society we live in and also the wunderkinds! Why is our net dominated by pornography  of our own Indian movie stars? It is easier now  a days to flick an image from any where and fix the face on top of the body of a western female or male anatomy and the results will vow any voyeur!! We have become voyeuristic because of the movies we see and because of the new world we live i.e. a devil?s paradise!  When a commoner is unable to escape this porno mania, where it will leave the stars of our so  called bollywood industry! It is very difficult to analyze and put together things as to why it should happen. We just  turn around and see, then we will get to know there are a large number of voyeuristic wolves among ourselves too!!

Lets assume that we have a star in our family, I mean to say that we are tempted to proclaim to the world that we are associated with so and so person and He/She is a star! We without realizing the difficulties of the said star personality, He/She who must have gone through tremendous pressure and insurmountable personal venomous   attacks will still undergo a lot in terms of mental tension and there are chances of the said personality losing mental equilibrium! The tension which adds  to this imbroglio is unpalatable. The net pornography!! Why on earth this cut and paste syndrome, in lay man?s term it is ?Mundi Kaato? chakkar has affected our beloved female stars a great deal? This is an unfathomable felony, but   as per cyber laws today it is a rigorously punishable offence! Well! How can one eradicate this offence! Omi gosh! Children or rather the generation next at their teens are excited and sexcited to watch their fave bollywood stars semi nude and nude!

Now you have all the stars in their b? day suits and how on earth they will go by their daily chores. It is surprising as to what level the nude watchers be tempted to gaze whatever available extra flesh of their stars of fantasy. This menace needs to be curbed, but it is not easy as the internet is a devil?s invention! We are living in a devil?s world! We of course are unable to change the world. But, still parents can control the child to a certain extent! Now the sexy sirens of the industry have woken up to the truth. Gyrating before the camera and showing their assets got them roles and they got fame, adulation, money and now the internet in its own way is giving them notoriety.

There is always a risk factor allocated with a job and there are no free lunches in this world. Opening one?s dress buttons and baring all to reach the top, it is some starlet?s philosophy which has gained momentum and it is intriguing to note that sex sells and the repercussions are terrible on a teen mind!! If only the starlets like Urmila Matondkar, Shilpa Shetty , Manisha Koirala, Kareena Kapoor, Kajol, Tabu, Mahima, Preity, Rani and new sex idols like Payal Rohatgi, Rakhee  Sawant, Meghna Naidu etc should own up responsibility and do school visits and should be engaged into social work like in the west! Coz , it is well understood that whatever scene they enact it is part of their profession, but they are very much accountable as responsible citizens of this country to keep the teenaged childrens mind free of all the negativity. They should act in good zest and mix with today?s generation next and preach about the fallacies and warn the kids against embracing wrong ideologies and insipid role models! Why are our stars only complaining and to whom?

Well, lets look at the brighter side of it. They make money, they enjoy adulation, they love and jump in joy regarding their stardom. Now, is it not time to wake up and sound the bells. Sounding the bells , is for the other sleepwalking stars! That they have corrupted enough of the innocent minds, now is the time  to mend fences by being graceful and trying to be accepted by the teens and their parents alike that the stars are also human beings like us and they are enacting a role which is written fictitiously and one should not fall prey to these personas, but can be enamored by them so as to study their lives and the  tribulations and testing times they may have gone through to attain stardom and then only realization will be drawn onto them that there are stars present as doctors, Engineers, Industrialists, Defense Force personnel, and professionals in every walk of life! Thus, the the aura built around the stars will definitely  get evaporated. This can be achieved only by the stars? strong initiatives and well connectivity with today?s generation next.

Have we seen anywhere nudity or scandalous photos of any Industrialist, Hotelier or for that matter any School Teacher! Nope! The reason is the stars themselves are slaves to the glamour and when they get surrounded by the media , they choke to death and the result is , on the rebound they start doing the same robust acts vociferously  and  lo and be -hold, they end up as living mummies!! To come out of stardom and do services to mankind in a humble way, one should take a leaf out of the late Shri Sunil Dutt?s life, and the Philanthrophic cricketer Shri Vijay merchant?s life. To be associated with glamour is not easy and moreover be rooted to the ground is when enjoying the glamorous  life is  next to impossible!! But, in today?s scenario, as the media inventions abound , it is imperative  that one should refrain from being a cardboard tarzan!!

Author: Donald DSilva- Mumbai