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Well, Mumbai is house to Diamond Merchants, Famous jewelers, textile Tycoons, Great Industrialists, Famous writers, Popular Politicians and also the infamous underworld. But, when we speak about all the dignitaries, can Bollywood be far behind? Never! Even the great superstar Shri Amitabh Bhachan does not agree to this nick naming of the Hindi Film Industry! Still, people find it convenient to call it Bollywood. In a way We are aping Hollywood! Yeah, if not anything the now ill gotten Casting Couch!  Last month a surprise sting operation unraveled by India TV guys, opened a Pandora?s box. The famous personalities were caught with their pants down. Post Accusations and counter accusations galore! Mercilessly people washed their dirty linen publicly! Still the one person who took not only the cake but the whole bakery was our good old mischief monger?? Shakthi kapoor?.!!

The entrapment

Whole of Mumbai film industry is aware of Shakti Kapoor?s alleged vices! He has not mellowed down with age at all. His close friends insist that, He is the same Shakti   as He was in his FTII student days. Totally care free and filthy living style reportedly has got him into trouble with his co-stars , as well as plenty of times was recipient of  the wrong end of the  stick ! His wife Shivangi has done everything she could to change her husband?s life style. But, things only changed from bad to worse. After a couple of drinks, the quiet Kapoor will become a bragger and once He opens his mouth, He will put to shame lalu?s language and will win hands down any competition in expletives!! Still, the Bollywood industry has a heart of gold, so to say. Big time producers and Actors, as well as established heroines put up with this crazy star villain and comedian, and just laughed it off his antics and buffoonery and ranting of his colleagues as some childish behavior.

In 1980, in ?Satte Pe Satta? , Mr. Raj (Dadu) Sippy first cast him in a role of one among Amitabh?s seven brothers, who is a stammering idiot. The remake of ? Seven brides for Seven brothers?, a Hollywood flick was very nicely made and went on to become a roaring hit! Shakti Kapoor had to stammer more and talk less!! How he must be wishing, if He would have stammered with the under cover reporter during the sting operation conducted by India TV!! Then he would have had less trouble than what he is facing now.
But, over the years after establishing himself in more than 600 hindi movies, He will turn out to be a big zero, well, nobody, for that matter, He himself may not have guessed!

Followed by marriage to the then popular heroine ?Padmini Kolhapure?s? sister Shivangi, he settled down in his life. Still, one could hear his various lafdas here and there. But, coward that He is, never got it publicized in such a manner, and cleverly escaped and projected himself as a hen pecked husband only to be the embarrassment for the whole industry today!!

Well, post padmalaya movies 1983 hit, Jeetendra – Sridevi starrer ? Himmatwala?, he became a comedian!!  A regular side kick to the irrepressible Kader Khan. He became a son ? Tijori? to kader Khan?s portrayal of his father ? Maalpani?! He started acting like a buffoon and talked like a male hema malini with a nasal twang!! The role in ? Tohfa? was an icing on the cake. ? AAA Ooh ? Lalitha..?, his dialogue from the movie evoked rip roaring laughter from the public. The front benchers as well as the elite. Now, he went one step further and acted as ?Govinda?s? sidekick and lifting his lungi danced in a crazy number in? Raja Babu?!!  All in the name of acting, Shakthi did all bakwas renditions and was booed by audience and film folks alike. The critics tore him apart. He thought buffoonery is comedy and went on with it like nobody?s business.

In real life, even though He has a grown up son and a daughter, He is chasing skirts like a college student!!  Some one in the film industry reportedly joked that, if some one puts a skirt to the lamppost, Shakthi will be after it!!  Disgusting, but true, one day He had to learn life?s bitter lessons.  No wonder ?India TV ? guys have done their homework well, leaving aside a bunch of bigger nightlife aspirants among the Bollywood tribe, He was chosen hands down and He really lived beyond their expectations.  Bechara, Shakthi, his big mouth has put him in trouble plenty of times before, but, this one last time He is totally ruined his reputation of whatever was left with him!!

But, eventually He has emerged a winner!!  Because, most of the industry men are sinners who are victims of sting operation but still not exposed.  So, definitely they will rally around him and others of the likes of Aman Verma etc. The damage has been done.  Right from Ram Gopal Verma to Boney Kapoor have put up transparent glasses to their office cabins!!  They need not invite additional trouble from any aspiring starlets a ?la ? Madhur Bhandarkar!

Namaskar Salaskar?

Indeed sad, but true. It is really a bad day for Mumbai! One of its brave and dare devil, son of the soil is relieved of his duties of being an ?Encounter Specialist?. He has to his credits 52 encounters. He sent Amar Naik, Sadhu Shetty and most of Arun Gawli?s men to another world. He is nick named ?Maharaj? by the underworld, as He happens to be a religious person and always is into poojas and fasts. But, the million-dollar question the citizens are left to ask themselves is ? who will look after the ?Encounter Specialists? safety now? Earlier they did the same to the famous ? Daya Nayak?! He had 88 hits to his credit! Only centurion is their boss Senior Inspector Mr. Pradeep Sharma. He is incidentally nick named ?Bawa? by underworld, as His facial features   resemble a parsi! They have their families and their own life?s safety to look after now! Does this mean, the government itself is saying to the gangsters, here c?mon.  Your tormentor is here. Take revenge.  So, what about the risk involved to these officers? lives? R. R. Patil, our honourable Home Minister is in China. But, the new DGP P.S. Pasricha has dealt a severe blow to the citizens of Bandra.  Wonder, what will happen next?  We are allowing the gangsters to grow and multiply. As of now, only chindi gangsters or apprentice thugs are around. Is it a healthy trend?  What say ? The Congress-NCP Combine?

Author: Donald DSilva- Mumbai

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