Niranjan Bhat’s father and driver Remanded Judicial Custody till Aug 24

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Niranjan Bhat’s father and driver Remanded Judicial Custody till Aug 24

Udupi: The Udupi police produced Shrinivasa Bhat and Raghavendra before the court for helping the accused Niranjan Bhat, in destroying the evidence in Hotelier Bhaskar Shetty’s murder case, here on August 11.

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The court remanded Judicial custody to the accused Niranjan Bhat’s father Shrinivasa Bhat and driver Raghavendra till August 24.

Shrinivasa Bhat and Raghavendra were arrested on August 10 for their involvement in destroying the evidence in Bhaskar Shetty murder case.

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  1. So…the judicial custody for ‘amma-maga’ team who allegedly killed Mr.Shetty ends on Aug 12th. But, some raaghavendra and Srinivasa Bhatta will be in judicial custody till Aug 24th. Our police are better than Scotland Yard!!

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