‘No Neer-No Beer’! Water Crisis hits United Breweries Plant

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“No Neer (water)-No Beer”! ‘Good Times’ have turned out to be ‘Bad Times’ ,since Water Crisis has hit beer production at the United Breweries Plant at Baikampady Industrial Area here

Mangaluru: The water scarcity due to the low water level at the Thumbay Dam has forced Mangaluru City Corporation to cut down and also stop supplying water at some areas. Not only residents have been facing this water crisis, even industries have stopped production, who are mainly depending on the MCC water. Mangalore Chemical Fertilizers at Panambur has stopped production, and now United Breweries, with its plant at Baikampady Industrial Area has cut down its beer production due to lack of water supply.


The plant depends on MCC water and bore-wells in the area, but the water available now is not enough to operate the plant in full scale. Sources reveal that if the water crisis continues further, they may shut down the plant.

The company which had been producing nearly 7,000 to 9,000 cases of beer a day, at present is only producing just half of this quantity. Speaking to Mangalorean.com, a representative of UB plant said, ” Due to water shortage at present we are only filling beer in cans/tins. Filling of beer in bottles has been stopped couple of weeks ago, since there is not enough of water supply. Although we have bore-well in our premises, and since we are located close to the sea, this water contains salt contents which is not suitable for beer production. The water scarcity has hit our plant since April this year. “

“Also that this plant is the only unit in the region producing beer cans delivered to businesses in Karnataka State, and neighboring states like Goa, Kerala, and Puducherry, but if water scarcity continues the production could be stopped at this plant, and beer may be supplied from other units to meet our client needs. Since we are expecting water shortage, we have already stopped brewing. Three years ago when our plant faced similar kind of water scarcity, Mangaluru City faced short supply of beer” added the UB company representative. Till the water crisis continues, drink beer wisely and to the limit?

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