No(n)-Sense Work by MCC Laborers in Cleaning Clogged Drainage Puts Residents in Hardship

No(n)-Sense Work by MCC Laborers in Cleaning Clogged Drainage Puts Residents in Hardship

 No(n)-Sense Work by MCC Laborers in Cleaning Clogged Drainage Puts Residents in Hardship at Chinmaya School Lane, Near Bharath Beedi Works Ltd, Kadri-Mangaluru, due to dumping of the drainage waste

Mangaluru : A open drainage running between the Chinmaya School, Bharath Beedi Works Pvt Ltd, and a bunch of houses/apartments, has been creating lots of overflowing problems since years, and heavy flooding of drainage water especially during monsoon season. Even in spite of complaints by the residents for the lost so many years to Mangaluru City Corporation and Area Ward Corporator Vinayaraj, was all in vain, since no action was taken.

But surprisingly, after yet another complaint was made by a residents in that area after overflowing water flooded the lane and residents compounds, MCC took action and sent laborers to clean drainage few days ago- and they did a shabby job, which resulted in putting the residents in inconveniences and hardship. Speaking to Team Mangalorean, Deepak D’souza a resident in the that locality said, “We have been facing problems of water overflowing from this filthy drainage for the last so many years. It has been years, since no one had cleaned the waste accumulated in this open drainage”.

“Recently after we had heavy rain showers, there was constant overflow of drain water, and the lane was flooded, including many nearby house compounds. However, on Monday, the MCC laborers came and cleaned a part of the drainage, but dumped all the waste on the lane path, making it hard for vehicles to pass. Elderly people in this area had to walk till the road, since four-wheeler vehicles couldn’t make it through the lane, since the drainage waste was blocking the way. I made quite a few calls to the concerned officials in MCC, and even called our corporator Vinayaraj, who said he was no more in charge until MCC council election. Couple of days ago, I myself cleaned a portion of the waste/soil, at least to make way for four-wheelers. Two days ago, Pourakarmikas only loaded the green waste into their Antony Waste Disposal Co vehicle, but left the soil and hard waste behind. We are still facing hardship due to this piled up drainage waste” said Deepak.

After a call was made to Team Mangalorean, we visited the spot, and did the needful in highlighting this issue in our website, hoping that the concerned officials will at least take action this time. Team Mangalorean will follow up on this civic issue until it is rectified.