Not Smart – Having Two Speed Breakers at one Spot! 1 being Legal, other Illegal?

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Not Smart – Having Two Speed Breakers at one Spot! 1 being Legal, other Illegal?

Mangaluru: As the saying goes “Two is always better than one”- but that quote may suit appropriate in some cases – like having two speed breakers at one location- of which one being a legal speed breaker- and the other illegal, in other terms referred as “unscientific speed breakers”. A few weeks ago prior to the most scientific road humps that were replaced by MCC recently, MCC had installed unscientific plastic/fibre black and yellow speed breakers which were hazardous to motorists, especially two-wheelers. After Team Mangalorean had highlighted about these unscientific speed breakers in our report “” published on our website on 15 May 2017- and within 24 hours MCC replaced them with that were more scientific and legal as per IRC standards.

Once these scientific IRC regulated road humps were installed, Team Mangalorean had published yet another report “” on 22 May 2017, where we highlighted that these humps were not marked with black and white stripes to alert the motorists- both our reports proved as “Website Impact”, where both the issues were rectified within few hours. But unfortunately, we later witnessed that at a couple of locations, there were two road humps- one being the old unscientific speed breakers, and also the newly installed scientific speed breakers.

But the question now is – why do we need two speed breakers at one spot? Seems like the workers were lazy and ignorant to remove the old unscientific speed breakers, when they were installing the new ones. This speaks of the ignorance of our contractors, along with the laborers- who might have had the attitude like- someone else installed the unscientific speed breakers, let themselves remove it. But in between these attitudes of the contractors/laborers, it’s the motorists who have to face the inconvenience, especially the two-wheelers who have to pass on these two speed breakers. Not a “Smart” idea for a city which is named as one of the “Smart City” of India?

First of all the city officials should realize that Two-wheelers and three-wheelers frequently lose balance due to the height of these breakers. Commuting has become very dangerous at night due to this, and especially for out-of-town motorists, these speed breakers are very dangerous without any warning signs. Where the humps are actually needed to control motorists reckless speed, there are none of them – but on the other hand where speed breakers are actually not needed there are quite a few every few meters. Frankly speaking, speed humps in the city continue to be a nightmare for motorists, thanks to unscientific designs and the absence of warning boards. These speed breakers pose a threat to motorists, instead of providing a safe and smooth ride. They seem to be executed as per the whims and fancies of the authorities of the PWD and Mangaluru City Corporation. And now with two road humps- one legal, one illegal, they are making the life of motorists more complicated.

In conclusion, If the government follows the IRC norms, it will help reduce accidents in the city. Speed breakers should be installed with proper IRC norms- but does anyone care about it? I very much doubt! Are our city and traffic authorities waiting for more causalities of motorists or what? It is time for the commuters/motorists to raise their voices against these unsafe “speed breakers” which are ” life breakers” to the concerned local civic authorities. Let us do it for a good cause and for the safety of our lives and for the lives of the citizens. Safety is much important than being sorry later. Let’s do it before it’s too late.

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Joe D'Souza
7 years ago

Mr Alfie,what is legal here? Only legal is filling the Pockets through Tenders! Examples: 1. I have installed a “No Parking” Board Opposite Bharath Beedi near left turn to Kadri Road from Kambla Road. During gutter work Contractor removed the board and throw it away or sold it to Gujri. Now Education Institute board is installed on that spot. Now Traffic problem again. 2. A “No Park” Board was installed by Me in front of Ganesh Medicals near Kankanady Market to avoid traffic problem all the time. Here also Gutter Contractor removed the Board and took it away. 3. I… Read more »