Now, cyberbullies target Parvathy’s upcoming film

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Now, cyberbullies target Parvathy’s upcoming film

Thiruvananthapuram, (DHNS): The cyber attack on award-winning actor Parvathy following her criticism of misogyny in films has peaked with a “dislike” campaign against a video of a song from an upcoming film of hers, released on YouTube.

The video of the song “Pathungi pathungi” from the movie My Story, which stars Parvathy and Prithviraj Sukumaran, was released on Sunday to a flurry of hate comments and dislikes.

Many targeted the actor for being “arrogant” and “outspoken”.

The video has garnered about 5.5 lakh views, with 18,000 “likes” and 66,000 “dislikes”.

Parvathy has been barraged with abuses and rape threats on social media since she termed as regressive some of the lines actor Mammootty’s protagonist tells a female character in his 2016 film Kasaba.

Based on a complaint by the actor, two men were arrested and one of them released on bail.

Even as angry men identifying themselves as fans of Mammootty continued to target her with abuses and calls to stop watching her films, the iconic superstar has come out with a delayed response, stating that he has not assigned anyone to speak on his behalf.

The hate campaign against My Story also comes with apologies to Prithviraj. On the video shared on Prithviraj’s official Facebook page, many of his fans commented that they would boycott the film only because of Parvathy’s presence and her association with what they call a “fake feminist” movement in the film industry.

Parvathy has found support from colleagues in Women in Cinema Collective – a group recently formed by woman professionals in the industry – but many in the fraternity have maintained a familiar silence.

The actor made the remark on Kasaba during an open forum discussion as part of the recent International Film Festival of Kerala, in Thiruvananthapuram.

Parvathy said she was “disappointed” to see an accomplished actor like Mammootty speaking lines that denigrated women.

She has maintained that the criticism was not directed at Mammootty but at the tendency to glorify misogynist characters in films.

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