Pakistani celebs condemn rape, killing of minor girl

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Pakistani celebs condemn rape, killing of minor girl

Islamabad, Jan 11 (IANS) Pakistani actors Mahira Khan and Ali Zafar condemned the rape and killing of an eight-year-old girl, who was found dumped in trash after being repeatedly assaulted sexually. The movie stars say “sexual abuse needs to spoken about openly”.

“This. We need to start talking about sexual abuse openly. We need to include that in our school curriculums. Awareness is key. Associating abuse and rape with shame is why countless go unheard. Stop with the shame,” Mahira tweeted on Thursday morning.

Riots erupted in Pakistan’s Punjab province on Wednesday over police inaction after the minor’s body was found.

The victim was last known to have attended a tuition centre near her house in the Road Kot area last Thursday on January 4, after which she went missing, Dawn reported.

Demanding justice for the victim, the actress added: “We fail as a nation every time we witness a crime as heinous as this.

“We fail even more when we aren’t able to bring these evil butchers to the gallows. And we fail the most when we sit in our homes instead of getting out on the roads. Press Club, Karachi. 2 p.m.”

Ali said he was disgusted with the heinous crime and wants justice for the minor girl.

“Never been so angry and disgusted in my life. Her parents had gone for Umrah (pilgrimage) when this happened. Imagined their state of mind. Justice has to be served! Justice for (the girl),” he tweeted.

The brutal murder of the little girl has incited anger among residents as it is the 12th such case to occur within a two kilometre radius in the city since last year.

Kasur, over 400 km from Islamabad, made international headlines in 2015 when a gang of paedophiles were running a child sex racket that was busted, Dawn reported.

The paedophile gang allegedly abducted and sexually assaulted at least 280 children in the area, blackmailed the families of the victims since 2009, and even sold video clips and images of the assault.

Guitarist and songwriter Salman Ahmad shared on his popular Pakistani band Junoon’s Facebook page, that Kasur is the city of his father and ancestors.

“It is also the burial place of one of the greatest Sufi saints, Baba Bulleh Shah… Bulleh would be turning in his grave to learn of the monsters that prowl Punjab and hunt young children …

“Is there no law or justice left in Pakistan to reign in these satanic forces? Shame on the police and Punjab government for turning a blind eye or being complicit in the sex trade flourishing in Kasur and elsewhere in the country.

“A sexual assault which involves children should be dealt with ruthless punishment. If we don’t set an example with across the board accountability, right now, these monsters will continue their lustful orgies entrapping children… and extinguishing their light.”


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