Pinarayi Should Respect People’s Opinion and remain Neutral in Sabarimala issue – Pejawar Swamiji

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CM Pinarayi should Respect People’s Opinion and remain Neutral in Sabarimala issue – Pejawar Swamiji

Udupi: Pejawar Math’s Sri Vishwesha Theertha Swamiji has said that he wants to remain neutral on the Sabarimala issue and the ‘shastras’ per se do not ban it. Sabarimala issue has created ripples across the country after two women entered the temple and had the darshan of the deity, during the wee hours of Wednesday, December 2.

He was speaking at a pressmeet held at the Pejawar Math, Udupi on Friday, January 4. Addressing the mediapersons Pejawar Swamiji said, “Allowing women of all age groups into the temple will affect it as the Sabarimala tradition is different. Few women are intentionally entering the temple. Hence, I prefer to remain neutral on the issue. Women have been entering temples for many centuries. Earlier Dalits were not being allowed into the temples in the name of tradition. But, this tradition has long been broken with the entry of Dalits into the temples”, he said.

Pejawar Swamiji further said, “I have clarified several times about the Sabarimala issue but some are confused with my statement. I have also brought many changes in society and supported many traditions. This is the fight between Traditions and Shasthra’s. Such problems should not be decided by the court or any secular government. This issue should be cleared only by Hindus and their Religious leaders. In the Sabarimala issue, the Congress and BJP both are opposing the judgment of the Supreme court. The Communist government of Kerala state should understand the sentiments of the people and chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan should respect the people’s opinion in this matter,” he said.

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