‘Politicians Should Think Twice before they Utter’- Ivan D’Souza

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‘Politicians Should Think Twice before they Utter’- Chief Whip Ivan D’Souza

Mangaluru: Giving an hint and by not mentioning anyone’s name directly, MLC and Congress Chief Whip Ivan D’Souza while addressing the media persons during a press meet held at his chamber said, ” Irrespective of which party you belong, the party leaders/politicians should carefully think twice before they utter any words or deliver a speech. A silly statement made during a speech or conversations could lead to a lot of problems and communal disharmony like we are seeing now in the district”.


“Sad to say that our picturesque district, an advancing district with infrastructures, and also an educational district is now portrayed as a communal unrest district in the media locally, nationally and internationally. This shouldn’t have happened. Politicians who have incited trouble through their derogatory speeches in the past, where cases have been filed against them for inciting trouble, but until now no action has been taken. Even in the police department, the police are showing partiality- majority of the police are siding with the Hindu organizations, while just a small portion of the police force is supporting the Muslim or Christian community- this kind of discrimination should be stopped immediately” added D’Souza.

He further said, ” Regarding the brutal murder of SDPI leader Ashraf Kalayi in Benjannapadau, I strongly condemn it. I have met the new police commissioner, new Superintendent of Police, ADGP Alok and discussed about the murder and the situation in Kalladka and the surrounding areas. They have assured that they will do the best to maintain law and order in these areas. Police have received few clues about the culprits in this murder, and they will be arrested soon according to the police. I have also seen in the past that always during Ramadan season there is communal disharmony created by the other communities. But why? Can’t we all live in peace and harmony? We need to work in unity to maintain peace in our society. I have urged the police to arrest the culprits behind the recent brutal murder, and also arrest those who are creating trouble and riots”.

“During this occasion, I would like to compliment CM Siddaramaiah for his bold move in waving the loans for the farmers. The Karnataka government has waived Rs 8,165 crore worth farm loans. Loans of up to Rs 50,000 per farmer will be written off, the government announced in the assembly. The move will help about 22,27,506 farmers who have obtained loans from cooperative banks. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah had said that the Farmers are in distress and that they have been demanding loan waiver. So he has responded to farmers, even though it will have an impact on state’s finances. A total of 22,27,506 farmers have obtained loan of about Rs 10,736 crore from cooperative banks in the state. Siddaramaiah had also said the Centre will now have to come to the rescue of farmers by waiving the loan obtained by them from nationalized and Grameen banks. The crop loan obtained by farmers from cooperative banks amounts to just 20 percent, while 80 per cent is from grameen, nationalized and others banks that come under the ambit of the central government. While the Centre is giving priority to states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, and others in this regard, it should also think of Karnataka farmers also” added Ivan.

When a journo asked MLC Ivan, whether it was right or wrong, the way Minister Ramanath Rai insulted SP Bhushan Borase in front of others, which has gone viral for which Ivan replied saying, “I am not saying whether it was right or wrong. The minister out of frustration about the current situation in the district might have spoken harsh- but his intention was to create law and order in the area. Unnecessary the opposition and few other saffron groups are making a big deal of it and creating more trouble and disharmony. How many times have the leaders of the opposition parties have delivered derogatory statements during their speeches- but for that there was no unrest among others. But why all these drama now?”

MCC Deputy Mayor Jagadeesh, Corporators Prathiba Kulai and Nagaveni were also present on the dais during the press meet.

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  1. LOL LOL Congress politician Mr.Rai was caught on camera insulting Police officer and bullying him to arrest political rivals and dropping certain people from police dept. If a hindu leader is caught on camera, it becomes a national news. However, this is nicely covered up usual suspects in media. Thanks to social media – it has reached masses exposing the real color of Congress. Here is the report on the same:


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