Salmiya Church Kuwait Celebrates Monti Fest

Salmiya Church Kuwait Celebrates Monti Fest

Kuwait: Konkani Community of St Therese of Child Jesus Church Salmiya celebrated the Nativity of our Blessed Virgin Mary, also known as the ‘Monti Fest’ on 8 September 2017. Fr Xavier D’Souza, Fr Noel D’Almeida, Fr Ivan D’Souza along with the Parish Priest Fr Blany Pinto blessed the novem and dates at 4:00 pm at the courtyard amidst a gathering of over thousand people followed by the procession to the church. Children and elders offered flowers to Mamma Mary.

In the festal homily, Visiting Priest Fr Ivan D’Souza stressed upon the importance of respecting and accepting universal Mother Mary as our own mother. His homilies and preaching during the ‘Monti Fest Tridum’ were appreciated by one and all. Konkani Choir led by Kiran Gonsalves sang melodious hymns of mother Mary.

New Corn (Kanshi) brought from Mangaluru, dates, Kobu (Sugarcane) and Vorn was distributed to the gathering after the mass. Kobu was donated by an Egyptian family. Parish Priest Fr Blany Pinto and Community Representative Anil Fernandes thanked all those who helped and supported in celebrating the feast with devotion and grandeur.

Pics by Alban D’Souza

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