Self Examination Guide For Diabetics

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The World Diabetics Day is celebrated on November 14.  Dr Prabha Adhikari, department of Medicine, KMC hospital Attavar, suggests 12 point self examination guide to ensure whether you are  having diabetes.

Read the following questions carefully. The points for each question is given in brackets. Count your score as you go along.

1. Do you urinate frequently specially during the night? (if yes 4 points)
2. Do you feel hungry even after your meals? (if yes 2 points )
3. Do you feel thirst excessively and take more than 10 glass of water (if yes 4 points)
4. Do you have fatigue? (if yes 2 points )
5. Is there a slow in the heal of wounds (if yes 2 points )
6. Do you have vaginal infection and itchiness ? (if yes 3 points)
7. Do you have sexual disability? (if yes 2 points )
8. Are you loosing weight in short span without reason? (if yes 2 points )
9. Do you have a family history of diabetics? (if yes 2 points )
10. Are you obese? (if yes 2 points )
11. Loss of sensation and numbness in the feet or hands? (if yes 3 points )
12. Do you have blurred vision or sudden changes in vision? (if yes 2 points )

If your score is 7 points or more, then you are having high chances of being diabetic. Contact your physician immediately.

-Rochelle D’souza
Kasturba Medical College,

Author: Rochelle Dsouza- India

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