Avoid Flu Misery – Get the shot

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Fever, sore throat, runny nose, headache, joint pain, chills ? you guessed it ? the flu season has arrived. That?s why right now (mid ? October through November) is the perfect time to get your flu shot.

Who should get it?
The flu vaccine can help protect anyone from the virus. In fact, 85% of those who get the shot are protected for about six months. But it is especially recommended for the following groups of people. 

-Everyone age 50 and older 
-Anyone with heart disease 
-Anyone with diabetes 
-Anyone with HIV 
-Anyone with lung disease 
-Anyone with chronic kidney disease 
-Anyone with severe anemia 
-Young healthy people can also benefit from the vaccine 
-Anyone regularly exposed to flu infection (e.g. health care workers, hospital workers, etc.)

How to get it?
Your doctor should have the vaccine. But if not, contact your local, county, or state health department or a local pharmacy. All of the vaccines are the same. Just be sure to get in line while supplies last!

What else can you do?
Avoid unnecessary contact with people who have the flu. It is a highly contagious virus. Kissing, grasping a doorknob, or inhaling the virus from another?s sneeze or a cough can transmit the flu. And remember, be sure to wash your hands on a regular basis.

Source: The Publication of the Wellness Councils of America. ? ?The Well Workplace.?

Author: Dots Rego- USA

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