Son’s efforts to Trace Missing Mother in Vain

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Son’s efforts to Trace Missing Mother in Vain

A year after, Satish Shetty, a CEO of Seattle (USA) based software company called Codeproof Technologies Inc in Redmond, Seattle, WA, who hails from Udupi, who had launched a website and had tried all efforts to trace his missing mother, Malathi B Shetty, aged 65 (who went missing on 24 June 2015) is all in vain-since the police and the investigating authorities have not come up with any positive results.

Mangaluru: Team Mangalorean has been covering this incident ever since Malathi B Shetty, aged 65 then, mysteriously went missing and until this day the police and the rest of the investigating officials have not been successful in finding any clues for her disappearance. Media, including have played an important role through wide publicity in an effort to trace Satish Shetty’s beloved mother. Although a year has passed, with still no clues about Malathi’s disappearance, her son Satish has still not given up hopes and anticipates that his mother is still alive, and that she will join the family back sooner or later. Satish who has come down from US four weeks ago just to follow up on this missing person case, spoke to Team Mangalorean saying his main intention of his trip is to find the right answers as to what might have happened to his mother.

He said, “Even if my mother is not to be traced or no more, me and my family want to perform the last rites with all great respect before I head back to US. It’s indeed sad for me and the family to lose a member of a family who was very near and dear to all of us. I always think and dream of my mother who cared, loved and brought me up to be her good son. I dearly miss my mother, and I am want to know what might have happened to her. My visit to Udupi which would last for nearly weeks, during that time I am seeking a closure to this case before I go back to Seattle in the first week of August”.


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” I am very grateful to SP Annamalai, whom I met couple of weeks ago before he got transferred- he has done his best in following up this case and has also assured me all his support and his colleagues in finding the right clues of my mother gone missing. The investigating team have done their best in intercepting phone calls of all the locals who might have been the possible suspects, but until now no one has been caught. Although there was a call recently to Brahmavar Police Station with the caller mentioning that there is buried body found in the forest near Shiroor Morthi, which the police are investigating into it”.

“On 15 November 2015 I had appealed to the High Court and filed a habeas corpus petition to speed up the investigation, where the court issued an emergency order to the state home minister, IGP (Western Range), IGP of Karnataka, Superintendent of Police-Udupi and also Kundapur Police personnel to trace my missing mother. But all my efforts and others have gone in vain. I remember when I came home from US last year, I found my mother little weak and stressed. She was on sedatives because she couldn’t sleep well, other than that I am pretty much sure my mother had no other major health issues. I very much doubt that she might have ended her life because of depression, since I know her very well, and she is not such person to take any extreme step”.

” My only doubt is that when she had left home on 24 June 2015 my mother wore a few jewellery, and I suspect some locals might have killed her for her belongings. If my mother is still alive, she might be housed in a ashram or any friends place. Through this website I want to make a humble request whosoever has done something to my mother to please come forward and admit their acts or whosoever has my mother at their place to come forward and inform the Udupi or Kundapur police. I will be very grateful and it will indeed be blessing to whomever it may concern. I thank and their team members for their constant support in this incident-May God bless you all and keep up the good work you journos are entrusted with” added Satish.

Recalling the incident as to what happened since 24 June 2015, Satish said, ” My mother, Malathi B Shetty from Kandavara Hebbagilu Mane, living in Charukottige, Korgi village (near thekkatte), Kundapur taluk, Udupi District, Karnataka, has gone missing since June 24th, 2015. At home, she was living along with her husband (my father), Kedoor Bhaskar Shetty(retired school teacher), Daughter Sarala Shetty and Son-in-law Dr Ram Manohar Shetty. I am settled in USA for the last 18 years with my wife Shilpa Shetty and two kids. The exact location where my mother went missing is Charukottige, Near Hosamata School, (border of Korgi and Kedoor village), Kundapur Taluk, Udupi Dist”.

“On June-24th, my mother had left the house around 1:30PM and since then we have not heard back from her since. Receiving the news from my hometown, I rushed to India on July 4th and stayed till July-19th to step up the search efforts. I met Udupi SP Annamalai and appealed to him to fast-track the search and inquiry process. I also did a press meet in Udupi on July 17th, 2015. We also made posters and placed in various temples and bus stations. At that time of missing, my mom was wearing a cream white saree with baby pink blouse. She is 65 years old and 5.5 ft tall, of fair complexion. The best way to recognize her is by looking at her toe fingers and they are not all straight. She was wearing more than 4 lakhs worth of gold jewellery (which is her normal daily wear). I am requesting for a public support to trace my missing mother. Please share the news in WhatsApp and social media groups.”

“Regarding police investigation into this incident- On June 26th, 2015 my brother-in-law Dr Ram Manohar Shetty had filed an FIR at Kundapur police station. On June 26th 2015 evening around 9:30PM, I talked to Udupi Superintendent of Police K Annamalai over the phone and appealed to him. When I visited India, I also met Annamalai on July 4th, 2015 and July 19th at his Udupi office. On July 17th, Annamalai visited our house in India along with Deputy Superintendent of Police Manjunatha Shetty to step-up the investigation. Udupi SP Mr Annamalai had formed a special team under DySP Manjunatha Shetty and Sub-Inspector Naseer Hussain. Both Annamalai and Manjunatha Shetty have been actively involved in this investigation. On July 30, 2015 we had announced lakh reward for the person who provide us with a credible info about my mother. This includes police dept as well.

Although Kundapur police are still investigating but still no clues. We are suspecting that someone from local village involved in this. Here I am kindly requesting you to publish one more article and remind the story to public. We need public support. We can not simple forget this. This is an elderly women safety issue in India. Press and TV media have been very supportive and I am very grateful for their continued support. All the details about my mother can be found here on her website:


In conclusion, the Only doubt that I have is that some locals or outsiders might have committed this crime or could be a robbery motive since my mother wears lot of gold when she goes out-other than that there is no family dispute nor we have any problems/grudge with relatives, neighbors or friends. My mother is a friendly person and she gets along good with everyone. It’s really surprising for me, my dad and family members to note that such a tragic incident could happen to her in broad day light, when she had left the house in the afternoon on June 24, 2015. My mother was always happy, although she had some minor health problems- she was never sad nor depressed. Two days back before she went missing on 24 June 2015, she had visited a cloth (Saree) shop in Thekkatte, and had paid them Rs 1000 she owed for earlier purchase, and according to the shop staff she looked happy and fine that time.

My mother can’t walk a long distance, the most she can walk is half a kilometer. She always takes a bus when she goes out to the bazar. My only doubt is that on 24 June she might have taken a ride with someone in their vehicle or might have taken an auto-rickshaw. But when enquired, the local auto drivers say that no one remembers giving ride to my mother on that day. So what could have happened to my mother? or who could have abducted or done something to her?- I am trying my best to get answers to these questions. My only intention is to quickly bring a closure to this missing case before I go back to US this time. I humbly request the support of the media and the citizens to help me out in tracing my beloved mother whom I love very dearly. Rest is in the hands of God. Thanks Team mangalorean for your concern and support in this matter, may God bless you all”.

Contact info :

India Contact Numbers: 9448770427, 9480402280, 9686376273
Satish-USA Contact number: +1 425 985 8004
Whatsapp: +1 425 985 8004 (Satish Shetty)


Contact Kundapur Police Station: 08254-230338, Email:,


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