Spider on Papaya

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Carving Spider and  web was a challenge but with little bit of patience, it’s possible. You need sharp knives and a medium ripe Papaya and of course little bit of imagination too!!

One of the benefits of Papaya is the enzyme Papain before it ripens…

The softening and breaking down of impacted layers of dead skin can be accomplished very efficiently by a protein dissolving enzyme called papain, found only in papaya. This papain is at the peak of its enzy-magic activity before the papaya ripens, when fruit is still green. This powerful enzyme dissolves the dead and damaged cells readily, while leaving new and healthy ones intact. From this very unique property of the green papaya enzyme, a great skin care breakthrough was developed.

I have changed the exposure of one of the photos using photo software to give it “night” appearence, sort of to bring out the spider so to speak!
Hope you like it!

Author: Dr K.B. Mallya- Canada

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