Stabbed Girl Still in ICU- Minister UT Khader and Govt Offer Help for Medical Expenses

Stabbed Girl Still in ICU- Minister UT Khader and Govt Offer Help for Medical Expenses

Mangaluru : Before going further with this report, it was very shameful and ignorant on a bunch of people, instead of coming to the rescue of the young woman when she was getting stabbed by her ex-lover-they were busy clicking photos and video-taping the incident- how hard was it for this group of people to manhandle the stabber, when he was just alone. Kudos to the brave young nurse who controlled the stabber from doing more harm to her, just in time when a ambulance arrives to transport the wounded girl. (The whole incident could be seen on the video which went viral). This is the same kind of situation, where people click photos and record accident scenes, instead of coming to the rescue of the victim.

Moving forward with the report, during the weekend district minister in-charge UT Khader visited Kshema Hospital in Deralakatte, in the outskirts of Mangaluru, and met the parents of the girl who is in the ICU, and offered them Rs 50,000 to meet their daughter’s medical expenses, and also said to them that the government will bear all the hospital expenses of the girl. At the moment Deeksha, who is battling for life in the ICU is under observation for the next 48 hours, and doctors sh would be out of danger, if no further infections develop.

Minister Khader (seen in white shirt) interacting with girl’s parents

Revealing more details of the incident that took place on last Friday, 28 June at Bagambila near Deralakatte, MBA student Deeksha was stabbed more than a dozen times by her stalker. The stabber, Sushanth hailing from Shaktinagar, who had attempted suicide by slitting his throat after he started stabbing the girl, is now recovering at a private hospital, under police guard. It is learnt that Deeksha, a student of Nitte college, had befriended Sushanth when she had enrolled in Aryan Dance Academy, under Sushanth’s training.

But as days went by when Deeksha had refused to marry Sushanth, he started harassing her , and continued harassing her more even after her parents had warned to stay away from Deeksha. Sources reveal that Deeksha had even filed a harassment case against Sushanth at Karkala rural women police station, and was arrested under Section 354 of IPC, couple of weeks ago and served in jail for a day. On 28 June, Sushanth had changed his WhatsApp status, declaring his love for Deeksha, and had uploaded his and her photograph together.

So on 28 June Friday, after Deeksha alighted from the bus near Deralakatte, after completing her examinations,, Sushanth followed her and started stabbing her multiple times. The whole stabbing incident which was recorded by locals went viral, in which you could see Sushanth trying to commit by slitting his throat, when locals were trying to approach closer to him. If these locals had pounced on him while he was stabbing Deeksha, she could have suffered less wounds- but unfortunately, the people were not helpful, instead were busy videotaping and clicking photos. Shame on them! It was only after a daring young nurse controlled Sushanth’s act, and in the meantime a ambulance arrives, and quickly transfers Deeksha to a nearby hospital- all seen in the video.

As per police source, Sushanth was a rowdy sheeter with a rowdy sheet being opened in Bunder police station, Mangaluru. He had been arrested after he and Japan Manga alias Rajesh had been involved in a fight with Subhash Padil at the district court complex in 2016. Apart from this case, and other criminal charges pending against Sushanth, it is learnt that Deeksha decided to maintain a distance from him- and since their love relationship went sour, Sushanth took his anger on her.

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Shridevi badiganawar

God’s grace is on u deeksha.. Get well soon Princess your mom dad needs u… Let God give you more strength to survive this bad phase of life.. God bless you dear