Stern Warning against People Illegally Drawing Water from MCC Main Pipeline in Villages En Route Thumbe Dam

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Stern Warning on People Illegally Drawing Water from Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC) Main Pipeline in Remote Areas En Route Thumbe Dam

Mangaluru: This problem of people stealing/water from the main water pipeline that runs from Thumbe dam to the various water tanks in Mangaluru has been going on for decades, and nothing has been done to stop it, rather than every year the mayors give warnings of action and the the situation continues- and so is the case e this time too. With the water scarcity on the verge of affecting Mangaluru City in the near future, Mayor Sudheer Shetty Kannur issued a stern warning, against individuals illegally drawing water from Mangaluru City Corporation’s main pipeline in villages, en route to Thumbe and using it for irrigation and commercial activities.

Several illegal connections have already been disconnected. Mayor Shetty told reporters that MCC will not opt for rationing of drinking water supply. “We are confident that the city will not face scarcity of water this summer. The inflow to the Netravati River, which serves as the city’s water source, has not entirely stopped at present. Thumbe vented dam, which provides water to Mangaluru City, Ullal, and Mulki, has water up to 6m. The AMR vented dam situated on the upstream of Thumbe dam is almost full and another vented dam at Biliyoor on the upstream of AMR vented dam has water storage up to 4m. In case of a shortage, water stored in AMR will be let into Thumbe dam,” he said.

The mayor urged citizens to use water wisely and refrain from utilizing drinking water for washing cars or watering garden plants. The water supply line at Kodialguttu was damaged while taking up an underground drainage project a few days ago. As a result, the water supply to Kodialguttu, Central Market, Kambala, Kudroli, Boloor and Dongarakeri wards was affected. The damage has been repaired and the water supply commenced on Tuesday. It will take at least two or three days to restore the water supply in these affected wards.

At present the MCC has six tankers for supplying drinking water to areas which face scarcity due to any disruption in water supply, he said. We also published the following articles recently: The Human Rights Commission recommended completing the construction and augmentation of water treatment plants by December. It also suggested PWD assistance for villagers with common pipelines and resolving the waste.

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