Students Throw Seat off Running KSRTC Bus, Parents Penalized

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Puttur: To what extent parental guidance and orientation on good citizenship and responsible behaviour has been lacking these was highlighted by an incident in a KSRTC bus on the outskirts.

Four students of standard VIII from a private school in Darbe had boarded a KSRTC bus on their way home after half -a- day’s classes on Saturday.


The bus had passengers in a few seats in the front. The four boys sat at the rear end of the bus.

As the bus passed Sampya, they reportedly slit open the cushion of the last seat by using blades and threw the seat out of the bus.

A man driving an Omni car noticed the seat falling on the road, stopped the car and put it in his vehicle.

He overtook the bus and informed the bus driver, who made all the passengers except the students get down. The bus was taken straight to the KSRTC depot.

He reported the matter to the depot manager, who called the rural police in Sampya.

In view of the offenders being juvenile, the parents of all the four were called to the depot.

They were let off with a warning and the parents of each were made to pay Rs 2,000 as compensation.

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Original R.Pai
8 years ago

This report is missing an important detail.
After reaching home, each student received ‘kapaala moksha’ therapy to discourage any such adventures in future. smiles…