Teachers/Staff of St Aloysius Institutions Unleash their Talents & Enthrall Audience on ‘Foundation Day’ Celebration

Teachers/Staff of St Aloysius Institutions Unleash their Talents & Enthrall Audience on ‘Foundation Day’ Celebration

Mangaluru: Following close on its heels after the “Foundation Mass” held at St Aloysius PUC Loyola Hall, it was then revelry time comprising of cultural events held at St Aloysius High School Hall to commemorate ‘Foundation Day”. Mind-blowing, glamorous and glittering Cultural extravaganza was performed by the faculties of various colleges/schools under St Aloysius Institutions, which added colour to the event and was a feast to the eyes. All the performers put a fantastic show which was loudly applauded by the huge mass of audience. These teachers/lecturers/professors/staff simply rocked the scene. If students of St Aloysius Institutions can Entertain the masses, their teachers showed and proved that they too can do much better- and their acts were mind-blowing!

The celebration began with prayer service by Fr Melwyn Lobo SJ-the Principal of St Aloysisu Gonzaga School, joined along with prayer songs by His School Teachers/Staff, which was followed by welcome dance by St Aloysius PUC students.The welcome address was delivered by the Rector, and the chief guest for the occasion was Fr Joye James SJ – Secretary of Jesuit Higher Education in South Asia. In his welcome address Fr Dionysius Vas SJ, the Rector of St Aloysius Institutions said, “Who we are cannot be separated from where we have come from. In 1880, nine Jesuits started this institution, showing that education was more than knowledge, but also a vision. They gave us St Aloysius Gonzaga as our Patron, and the motto “Lucet et ardet: ( Shine To Enkindle)”

“140 years later, ours has been a great institution, with so many lives been shaped, so many characters formed, so many hearts nourished and so many rendered able to play their role in life with the ideal of service imprinted in them. What delights me in our staff, both teaching and non-teaching is your unceasing enthusiasm, your love for your students and your commitment to our VISION, in order to create men and women for and with others. Our Institution has seen quite a few developments, undertaken since the last Foundation Day celebration. The reminiscences recall forcefully how generation after generation of teachers and students alike have cherished and lived this legacy of dedication and heart-alive and burning, making St Aloysius a great and renowned Institution”

The chief guest Fr Joye James gave a elaborate audio video presentation of the Jesuit Congregation and its activities and developments. Fr J J also gave Four preferences of Jesuit Institutions for the next 10 years worldwide, which are- 1) To show the way to god through Spiritual Exercises and Discernment; 2) To walk with the poor, the outcast of the World, those whose dignity has been violated, in a mission of reconciliation and justice. 3) To accompany young people in the creation of a hope-filled future, and 4) To collaborate in the care of our common home. You Alumni, are the face of our institutions and our Vision of creating man and women for and with others in the larger society. You are our goodwill ambassadors in the World- and while St Aloysius College is Deemed to be University, we seek your support towards the development of the University”.

As part of the cultural line-up, performances were given by the faculty/staff members MJES units, namely- a variety programme on the theme “Journeying With The Youth” by St Aloysius Gonzaga Teachers/Staff; ” Cry of the Nature” by St Aloysius Industrial Training Institute; “CRY” by St Aloysius High School; Musical Skit play : Heralding Peace-Showing The Way to God” by AIMIT, Beeri; “Walking With The Excluded” by St Aloysius Higher Primary School; and “Journey- A search For Meaning” by St Aloysius College (Autonomous). And all the performers were simply unbelievable which mesmerized the audience with lots of Wows and applauds. A job well done by teachers and staff of SAI- who simply rocked the stage!

Vote of thanks was proposed by Fr Denzil W Lobo SJ-the Secretary and Treasurer of Mangalore Jesuit Education Society and the compering of the function was done by Ms Jositta Noronha, and Lancy D’souza, both teachers at St Aloysius Higher Primary School. And after a treat to a colourful cultural extravaganza, everyone went home belly-full with the sumptuous lunch served by the Jesuit priests.

The core theme for the 140th Foundation Day celebration was -“Listen to the Cry of the earth and to the Cry of the Poor”. Pope Francis is saddened by unfettered greed of human beings, causing environmental pollution and global warming. Apropos to this, we need to act quickly, as the earth begins to look more and more like an immense ‘pile of Filth’. Pope Francis ties environmental degradation directly to poverty. The CRY of the Poor for life and freedom. In this regard, all of us are called for action. It’s time to respond. Yes, and at St Aloysius Institutions , everyone has walked the extra mile with a smile to realize and fulfill this theme. A Philosopher had said, “Educating the Mind without Educating the Heart is no Education at ball”. Being, an Alumnus of this great Institution, I firmly vouch for you, that we received quality education that has enlightened our Minds and Hearts as well.

While concluding in my perspective- “No matter what corner of the world you are, you’ll always be proud to say ” I am an Aloysian”. This institution is the most preferred institution, and one who receives education here will be a great asset to the nation and also the world. We need to respect our mentors and teachers who led us to the right path and gave us good education. The truth is, times have changed. Long gone are the days when a teacher’s presence alone demanded respect — from students as well as their parents. Today, in a society where good morals are on the decline and self-centeredness is on the incline, teachers can’t afford to educate students the way our teachers did back in those days. Teachers have to get respect the hard way, and they have to earn it. So my humble request to the students-kindly respect your teachers and elders- you’ll feel good”.Long Live St Aloysius Institutions!

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