The Benefits of Breakfast

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The alarm never went off, your late for work or the kids can’t find their homework, and your dog needs to be fed – Time for breakfast? No way!

According to a 1987 report, one out of four women between the ages of 25 and 37 regularly skips breakfast.

Why You Should Eat Breakfast:

Numerous scientific studies performed over the past 20 years have shown the following reasons for eating this important meal:

Improves Overall Nutrition: Eating breakfast improves the total daily nutrient intake. A simple breakfast of cereal, milk and fruit often provides the greatest amounts of calcium, B6, riboflavin, folate and iron.

Improves Ability to Concentrate: Children who eat breakfast have shown greater improvements in standardized test scores and increased ability to concentrate in class; they also are more alert and creative. Likewise, adults are better able to perform in an office or work environment if they have taken the time to eat breakfast.

Improves Ability to Control Weight: A 1994 report showed that in two-parent families, children who skip breakfast are almost twice as likely to be overweight as children who eat breakfast. Many adults skip breakfast as a form of weight control. Unfortunately, this is a weight loss program that is doomed to failure. Skipping meals sets up extreme hunger patterns later in the day, resulting in excess calorie intake.


Often people skip breakfast because they don’t like traditional breakfast foods. Use your imagination!

– Eat leftover rice, mixed with vegetables and small bits of chicken.
– A turkey sandwich with a glass of milk and a piece of fruit is a great breakfast.
– Leftover pizza, if you go easy on the high-fat toppings, can be a complete breakfast meal.
– If you don’t like cereal, eat what you like, but make sure you aim to eat in the morning.

Remember: by taking care of yourself, you not only feel better but set a good example for your children. Try to eat a healthy breakfast, one with whole grains, fresh fruit, and protein, each morning. Pull out the blender, stock up on whole grains and fruit, and try some of these quick, simple, healthy and family-pleasing breakfast ideas to spark your morning!

Author: Jane Mathias- Canada

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