The Enchanting Garden at Ferns Villa

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The Enchanting Garden at Ferns Villa

Visiting my dear Karangalpady area, in Mangalore, where we spent the last years of our rented residence, I encountered this beautiful lush green mesmerizing garden, Ferns Villa. It was my friend Sucharitha’s rented house then, right next to my dear Sir Tekkunje Gopalakrishna Bhat’s then abode… With all the nostalgic memories I had visited the place again, just to find this heavenly garden, nurtured by the owner, the lady with the magic hands, Lily Pinto.

I was called in and there stood the ever fresh garden and the old house, intact!. The garden is the craftsmanship of Lily Pinto who came to stay, ten years ago and crafted this beautiful garden.

Lush green Anthuriums of all colours, Aglonema, Ferns, Jasmine, Ground Orchids, Adeniums, Pentas, Petonia, Lotuses of different colours, varieties of Money plants, table roses, Hibiscus, of different colours, Grapevines, other fruit trees all so well kept and flourishing!.

Lily Pinto has formed groups with like-minded plant lovers and, the two groups, “Sirithota” and “Hasiru Butti”, attract their kind on Social media too.

Together they organized. an Exhibition cum Sale, on October 7th from morning till noon, which attracted people all over and helped them to bag the treasure at a very minimum price and carry them home.

Lily Pinto’s garden is remarkable for the so tidy and beautiful arrangement of pots and plants everywhere, in the yard, on the walls and in the backyard.

Mr. Pinto, a Retd. Captain, Flying Instructor, wishes to maintain the old Mangalore tiled house and its red oxide floor, as it is. In a city, where we have lost a great number of beautiful old mansions, giving way to high rises, this couple are really commendable!

Lily Pinto, is not only a plant lover growing a beautiful garden in her home, but she takes pleasure in sharing her bounty with other plant lovers who come appreciating her garden. May her tribe increase!

Shyamala Madhav

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  1. Excellent article by Sri Shyamala Madhav. I am in USA and visit Mangalore regularly. My sister lives in Karangalapady, almost next to Lily Pinto and her beloved garden. I have visited this place and it is truly remarkable – also the dedication of the owner to her beautiful garden is remarkable. Cheers.
    Jay Bhandary

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