Tigress Rani Gives Birth to Five Cubs at Pilikula

Tigress Rani Gives Birth to Five Cubs at Pilikula

Mangaluru: ‘Rani’, the Royal Bengal Tigress at Pilikula Biological Park has given birth to five healthy cubs. Rani was brought from Bannerghatta Biological Park, on exchange of one male tiger ‘Vinay’ from Pilikula.

Since the first two months are critical for the newborn cubs in terms of contracting infections, only the caretakers of the animals are allowed to monitor the cubs. Visitors will be allowed once the cubs are vaccinated and fit to be exhibited.

Birth of Rare and Endangered ‘Dholes’ in Pilikula Biological Park

Dholes brought from Vishakapatnam Zoo have given birth to three pups in Pilikula Biological Park. Mother and pups are exhibited for the visitors.

Animal exchange

Procurement of Brown and White Rhea from Thirvananathapuram zoo and White tigers from Thirupathi Zoo on animal exchange programme are under progress.