Udupi: Filmy Style – Biwi No 1 Stops Husband From Venturing into Second Marriage

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Udupi: In a filmy style, a woman arrived at the marriage hall and stopped her husband from marrying another woman at the Rajalakshmi Auditorium, Kota here on May 14.

Shanker Nayiri, a resident of Murukai, Kota had married Saraswati from Aravalli, Bengaluru a year ago. On May 14, while Shanker was in the process of marrying another girl, Veena from Kirimanjeshwar, at the Rajalakshmi Auditorium, his lawful wife Saraswati arrived to the marriage hall along with the Bengaluru police and her mother.


When the marriage rituals were taking place, Saraswati intervened and stopped the rituals. She also showed the photographs of her marriage with Shanker last year. Based on the complaint she had filed with the Bengaluru police, the Bengaluru police had also arrived to Udupi.

Shanker was taken to the police station for investigation. During investigation, Shanker accepted that he had married Saraswati last year. The bride, Veena was shocked to hear that Shanker was a married man. When the marriage rituals were stopped, in a filmy style, Devendra, a relative of Shanker, came forward to marry Veena. Veena’s parents then asked Veena to decide and she finally decided to tie the knot and accept Devendra as her husband.

Veena and Devendra united in wedlock in front of more than 800 relatives and friends, thus bringing an end to all the confusion. Veena works in a Fair Price shop, and it is learnt that she had taken loan for her marriage.

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  1. “in a filmy style, Devendra, a relative of Shanker, came forward…” – report

    If he was a relative of this ‘kaamanna’, didn’t he know about his first marriage? I feel really sad for this poor lady and hope she doesn’t regret her decision in future. I wish we had a system to make characters like Shankara pay for all the expenses so girl’s family doesn’t suffer any financial loss.

  2. Here is young lady with courage and guts to come forward and stop a second marriage which her lawful husband had contemplated upon.

    Hope the lawful husband takes a brave and noble step too and lives in peace and love with his lawful wife.

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