Useful Health Tips For Frequent Fliers

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Here are smart tips for passengers traveling on long flights:

Drink water. Cabin air is dry. Flying dehydrates your body. When the flight attendants roll the beverage cart down the aisle, order bottled water. Avoid coffee, alcohol or soft drinks. Fruit juice is fine. Put a water-soaked washcloth over your face when you sleep on long overseas flights. Keep moving. Get up, stretch and walk to the loo, even if you don?t need to use it, at least once in an hour. Do some exercises in your seat. Try not to cross your legs at the knees. Above all, keep your seatbelt fastened when you?re in your seat.

Swallow or drink water to keep your ear canals clear, especially during takeoff and landing when the cabin pressure is changing. Talk to your doctor about taking a decongestant before your flight if you have a cold or sinus infection. Babies will clear their ears if they are given a bottle during pressure changes.

Carry your medications with you. And be prepared for not getting your luggage back immediately. That’s why it is so much better to carry the medicines you need that day and the next as well. Wear loose, comfortable clothing in layers. Your body temperature changes; cabin comfort fluctuates. Even loosen your shoelaces.

Relax. Grab one of those small pillows from the overhead bins. Stuff the pillow behind you for lower back support. Some of the newer planes have lumbar supports built into the seats.


Author: Asha Pereira- USA

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