VHP and Bajrang Dal Stage Protest against Cattle Trafficking and illegal Slaughtering

VHP and Bajrang Dal Stage Protest against Cattle Trafficking and illegal Slaughtering

Mangaluru: The Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal jointly staged a protest against Cattle trafficking and illegal slaughtering of the cows and demanded to put an end to such illegal activities in front of the DC office here, on July 3.

Addressing the protestors Shivanand Mendon said, “Today we are staging our protest in 15 places in Dakshina Kannada and Udupi demanding to put an end to illegal cow slaughtering and cattle trafficking. This is not the beginning but should be the end of all illegal activities. Recently we met the police commissioner Sandeep Patil and requested him to put an end to all the illegal slaughtering of the cows and cattle trafficking, he assured us of providing justice. In 1964 the prevention of the slaughter of cows, calves of cows and calves of she-buffaloes and the preservation of other cattle in the State act was implemented. From the past 20 years we are fighting against the illegal slaughtering of cows but no action has been taken to protect the cows. When Bajrang Dal and VHP members intervene to stop cattle trafficking they have to get harassed and cases are filed against them. The present police commissioner has now taken the initiative to stop such illegal activities and we congratulate him.”

Shivanand Mendon also said, “Earlier when we were informing the police, the cattle traffickers were getting the information and were changing the route to transport the cattle. If we stop the cattle traffickers we get tagged as anti-social elements. Someone said that every week the police commissioner is holding a phone-in programme to address the problems in the city but these are very sensitive issues and we cannot share them during the phone-in programme. Muslims say that only 5% are involved in cattle trafficking and illegal slaughtering of cows and we do not support such people. Does Islam say to consume beef? Let 95% of the Muslims join hands with us to stop the illegal slaughtering of cows. Our Prime minister’s vision is to make Swacch Bharat, but in Kudroli slaughterhouse there is no doctor to check whether the cow which is being slaughtered is healthy or not. Let us start the Swacch Bharat campaign from Kudroli.”

Addressing the protesters Zone President of Hindu Jagarana Vedike Kishore Kumar said, “Hindus who are the majority in the country are peace lovers. The other community is checking our patience. Cow is not an animal but it is a goddess for us and we worship the cow because it has 33 crore Gods in it. When the cattle trafficking is rampant we the Hindu society can put an end to it. If the Hindu society stands firm we can stop the illegal slaughtering of cows. At present, the police commissioner is taking such cases very seriously and has assured us to form a special squad to curb illegal cow slaughtering and trafficking. Whenever we find illegal slaughtering of cattle, it is our duty to inform the police.”

Gorakshak Pramukh VHP Jagadish Shenava speaking on the occasion said, “This is the first time in the history of Dakshina Kannada we are getting justice from the police commissioner. On July 2, police commissioner Sandeep Patil paraded 102 cattle theft offenders and illegal buyers. If the police will help us in curbing the illegal cow slaughter and trafficking we will commend their work. The police commissioner has taken a good initiative to create peace by taking action on the cattle traffickers.”

Recalling the recent incident of Jokatte, Shenava said, “Ten days ago 23 cattle were being transported in an inhuman way at Jokatte and the police seized the same. Later they were handed over to the Goshala. But the offenders created fake documents and submitted them to the court. The court ordered to return the cattle to the owner and some People gathered and celebrated it by bursting firecrackers. In another incident in Vittal, five of our youth were arrested for pelting stones to a bus. When we visited the jail, we were shocked to see two of the youth were brutally assaulted by the police. The police used third degree on them as a murder accused. The youth have tried to save the cattle and they have been arrested and assaulted by the police. We urge the SP to take stern action against the police who had tortured the youth in jail.”

Shenava also said, “Some are asking me what to do with the cows when they become old, but I ask them what will you do with your old parents. Will, you not take care of them? Likewise, you should take care of the cows because cows give milk untill they die. If you cannot take care of the cows, hand them over to us and we promise you that we will take good care of them in our goshalas.”

Gopal Kuthar, Bhujang Kulal, Amith Gundalike, Vasudeva Gowda, Pradeep Pumpwell, Guruprasad, Praveen Kuthar and Manohar Suvarna were also present.



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