VHP and BD Observe Akhanda Bharata Sankalpa Day

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VHP and BD Observe Akhanda Bharata Sankalpa Day

Mangaluru: The Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal held the ‘Akhanda Bharata Sankalpa Day’ and a torch bearing procession (Panjina Meravanige) at the Nehru Maidan here, on August 13.

The ‘Panjina Meravanige’ was flagged off by Prof. M B Puranik from the Sharavu Temple and culminated at the Nehru Maidan.

image001Akhanda-Bharat-Panjina-meravanige-20160814-001 image002Akhanda-Bharat-Panjina-meravanige-20160814-002 image003Akhanda-Bharat-Panjina-meravanige-20160814-003 image004Akhanda-Bharat-Panjina-meravanige-20160814-004 image005Akhanda-Bharat-Panjina-meravanige-20160814-005 image006Akhanda-Bharat-Panjina-meravanige-20160814-006 image007Akhanda-Bharat-Panjina-meravanige-20160814-007 image008Akhanda-Bharat-Panjina-meravanige-20160814-008

The ‘Akhanda Bharata Sankalpa’ flag was hoisted by Dr Tejashwini Gowda. District President of VHP, Jagadish Shenava welcomed the gathering.

Prof M B Puranik delivered the keynote address and briefed the gathering about the significance of Akhanda Bharata Sankalpa Day. “On August 15, we celebrate the Independence day. Prior to that, on August 13, we are observing the Akhanda Bharata Sankalpa Day. Gandhi had said that he would not allow the country to be divided, but the then Prime Minister, for his selfish motives, allowed the division of the country,” said Puranik.

He further said that the VHP and BD do not have anything against anyone. “But those who love this country and follow its tradition and culture, should strive hard to make this country ‘Akhand Bharat’ (complete India).”

image009Akhanda-Bharat-Panjina-meravanige-20160814-009 image010Akhanda-Bharat-Panjina-meravanige-20160814-010 image011Akhanda-Bharat-Panjina-meravanige-20160814-011 image012Akhanda-Bharat-Panjina-meravanige-20160814-012 image013Akhanda-Bharat-Panjina-meravanige-20160814-013 image014Akhanda-Bharat-Panjina-meravanige-20160814-014

Speaking on the occasion, the main speaker Dr Tejashwini Gowda said, “We have completed 69 years of independence and are stepping into the 70th year but until today we have not used the word ‘Bharat’ for our country. When we got freedom from the British, the country was named as India.”

She further said, “Nepal used to be the only Hindu nation in the world but later was declared a secular country. In India, Hindus do not produce blue films where a father rapes his own daughter. Those who produce blue films are not Hindus. In the Hindu culture, a husband does not set his wife on fire; that is not our culture. We need to learn how to be a good couple from Rama and Sita.”

image015Akhanda-Bharat-Panjina-meravanige-20160814-015 image016Akhanda-Bharat-Panjina-meravanige-20160814-016 image017Akhanda-Bharat-Panjina-meravanige-20160814-017 image018Akhanda-Bharat-Panjina-meravanige-20160814-018 image019Akhanda-Bharat-Panjina-meravanige-20160814-019 image020Akhanda-Bharat-Panjina-meravanige-20160814-020 image021Akhanda-Bharat-Panjina-meravanige-20160814-021 image022Akhanda-Bharat-Panjina-meravanige-20160814-022

“Our country was made handicap by Pakistan 69 years ago. Our country was divided with the creation of East and West Pakistan. Those who sacrificed their life for the country are being called ‘terrorists’ in textbooks. Bhagat Singh was not a terrorist. If we try to correct this wrong done in the textbooks, it is labelled as ‘saffronization’. We will rewrite history.”

Dr Gowda also said that discrimination should be stopped in the country. “There are 52 organizations that work for the betterment of the society. We will teach children about the culture, tradition, and history of our country. If it is possible, let all the people come along and support us. If not, let them mind their own business and we will mind ours. But if they trouble us, then we will respond.”

She also alleged that there are 52 Islamic countries for Muslims where they can go, Christians have hundreds of countries but for Hindus, India is the only country. “Let anyone try to deny this. Hindus are not happy in India. There is unemployment and poverty. Hindus do not have freedom. Conversions of Hindus also take place. But has any Hindu converted anyone? Is there any Hindu who has looted someone else’s assets?” questioned Dr Gowda, adding, “In India, cows have been slaughtered with the excuse that they are old. If such a situation continues, soon the elderly people will also be abandoned by their children as parents will become old and be of no use. Mothers and sisters should not be considered as a commodity, instead they should be respected. Red light areas should be closed and women should be protected.”

Basavaraj, Gopal Kuthar, Bhujang Kulal and others were also present.


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  1. “Any lessons learnt…?” asks Joker Praveena Pinto trying to lecture me on Indian history.

    This is the same guy who didn’t even know about Murudeshwara!! LOL It’s quite interesting to see how ignorance has mad him more confident!! LOL I gave the example of Israel for a reason – Jews were repeatedly told that their dream was irrational and unreal. It was not just the area of Israel. It was the united opposition from Arab/Muslim world that made it look impossible!! Still, they didn’t give up and rest is history. Akhanda Bharatha may not happen for many many decades of even centuries. But the perverted attempt to shut down any conversation on our own heritage and history is a familiar tactic used by foreign masters. No wonder Joker Praveena, a member of self-hating ‘Beef Club’ doesn’t understand why it is important to remember our heritage and history!! After all, he was taught to hate those things and ape foreign things!!

    • This is the same guy who didn’t even know about Murudeshwara. – Murudu Joker RampaNNA

      PyareLallu RampaNNA, perennial LOW VOLTAGE in your neighborhood in Yumreeka, eh?

      Anyway, let me drive something home – I care 2 hoots for your beloved Murudu and the statues! Just about the same I care for your Yumreeki Visa.

      Anyway, I’ll give you some 10 hrs or so and I will repeat it coz I know you have short-term memory loss – like in the movie ‘Memento’. 🙂

    • After all, he was taught to hate those things and ape foreign things! – Sriman RampaNNA

      Lol! Is that why you are in ‘phoreen’ Yumreeka while I’m in India? Is it your hatred which led you to the land of borrowed money & evaporated milk? Lol…. lovely joke, rampu. 🙂

  2. “….book a Lufthansa flight to Austria or…” – Joker Praveena Pinto.

    I noticed that he has finally given up his dream to reach Doddanna. He is looking at Eastern European countries now!! Very soon, he will start talking about Nepala and Sri Lanka. The reality seems to be slowly sinking in!!!

    • “He is looking at Eastern European countries now!!” – Yumreeki cleuless rampaNNA

      Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine fall under “Eastern European” countries, pyareLallu Yumreeki Rampu’ji.

      Austria and Netherlands, DON’T! Si comprende, senor?

  3. “…whoever is born in this country are all Indians or Bharatiyaru….Why should Christians or Muslims who are born in India need to do to other countries?…How come most of the Hindus are working in Gulf…..” writes one ‘Bhasker’ Shetty.

    Looking at how the name has ‘e’ in first name, there is a good chance that this is either Bob or Badruddin. I was actually expecting some ‘ajeerna’ responses to any mention of ‘Akhanda Bharatha’ and I wasn’t wrong!! Where exactly Dr.Tejaswini ask for minorities to leave India in this report? The fake-Bhasker talks about everyone born in India being either Indian or Bharatiyaru. If so, does he have any problem admitting that everybody born in Hindustan is a Hindu? And, most of Hindus work in Gulf??? Does this guy even know how to count? Most of the hindus are in India!!!! LOL

    Look – there are hundred different things I disagree with Tejaswini and other religious groups. There is nothing wrong in debating those points. However, misrepresenting and accusing her of saying things that are not in this report shows the level of dishonesty and lack of decency from sanathana-haters. There is nothing wrong in talking about akhanda bharatha. Remember – Jews never forgot about their motherland for 2000 years and finally they managed to get Israel back. Bhaskara Shetty and other apologists would have lectured Jews to forget about Israel and live all over europe!!! How do you teach these simple lessons from history to illiterates??

    • “I was actually EXPECTING some ‘ajeerna’ responses to any mention of ‘Akhanda Bharatha’ and I wasn’t wrong!!” – Gau Rakshak RampaNNA

      “Expecting”, eh? Darn! Why does it remind me of the following quotes by eminent people?

      1. When ones expectations are reduced to zero, one really appreciates everything one does have – Stephen Hawking.

      2. Peace begins when EXPECTATIONS end. – Sri Chinmoy

      3. A life that is burdened with EXPECTATIONS is a heavy life. It’s fruit are sorrow and disappointment. – Douglas Adams.
      RampaNNA, you STILL haven’t given up on your EXPECTATIONS cum hallucinations about my allegedly rejected Yumreeki Visa, have you? 🙂

    • “There is nothing wrong in TALKING about Akhanda Bharatha. Remember – Jews never forgot about their motherland for 2000 years and finally managed to get Israel back”. – History professor from Yumreeka

      Ayyo RampaNNA, thun ambyar thavn kumbyar udthai ne re?

      The origin of Akhanda Bharatha (AB) was originated by Chanakya. At that time in 3rd century BC, the Indian subcontinent (emphasis on INDIAN SUBCONTINENT) covered what are now the modern day nations of Afghanistan, Pak, India, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma and Bangladesh. In those days, it was ALL divided into umpteen INDEPENDENT kingdoms/princely states. Chanakya advocated the idea of AB – meaning ALL the states in the region were to be under one authority, rule & administration.

      To further his idea, he (Chanakya) powered Chandragupta Maurya to the throne and through war, wit and alliances, conquered (emphasis on CONQUERED) most of the princely states. After the fall of Chandragupta Maurya, it crumbled soon after. Emperor Ashoka tried to apply some band-aid to AB, but then, well…. we all know what happened to Ashoka.

      One wages WAR on INDEPENDENT KINGDOMS/princely states “covered” under the Indian Subcontinent (wonder if anybody had any true idea of what a subcontinent was back then. Oh, wise man Chanakya may have had…. smiles 🙂 in the 3rd century BC. (After all, Dritharashtra could ‘watch TV’ though he was blind as a bat!).

      Just for your info, the area of India in present times is some 1.269 MILLION sq miles. The area of Pak is 307,374 sq miles, the area of Bangladesh is 56,977 sq miles, 14,824 sq miles is the area of Bhutan, Afghanistan is some 252,072 sq miles…. and so on. Some 2 MILLION + SQ MILES.. pyareLALLU RampaNNA. So you guys want AB, eh? Ready to wage war?

      Compare that with the 8,020 Sq miles of modern day Israel….. encroached, through war or otherwise!

      On the other hand, we don’t see the Greek Chaddis raising some flag to ‘celebrate’ Akhanda Greece Day. Oh well, and my manko (frog) is in the guvel (well).

      Any lessons learnt, RampaNNA? Or do I have to pound in some MORE Indian history into that boilerplate skull of yours? Ask.. and ye shalt receive! 🙂

  4. Well said Mr. Bhaskar Shetty. I agree with you. We should all think as Indians first and work for the progress and the development of the country.

    Some people look at the entire world as their oyster and become secular and broad and open minded. These people are mere rabble rousers and they will not develop, nor allow other people to develop. By creating confusion, violence and bad blood, they exist.

    What sort of a doctor that lady is? I hope not someone prescribing herbs for common ailments?

    • What sort of a doc that lady is? I hope not someone prescribing herbs for common ailments? – Mr. Nelson

      From her unwarranted and inflammatory remarks, could be some snake oil peddler?

      “Christians have hundreds of countries….” rattles on this snake………….. She acts like any Christian could pack his ‘Jholige’, book a Lufthansa flight to Austria or Germany or a KLM flight to Netherlands.

      However, what makes me roll on the floor with mirth is this particular statement -“Is there any Hindu who has looted someone else’s assets?” Just to name two – Vijay Mallya and Subrata Roy, oh well.. never mind. Mallya converted to Christianity while still in High School while Roy embraced Jainism.

      And forget about other Ponzi scheme scamsters such as Tarun Trikha (TVI Express), MS Guru (Susi Emu farms), Ulhas Prabhakar Khaire (Stock Guru India), Tarun Bajpai (Speak Asia), Shivraj Puri (relationship manager – Citibank – Gurgaon)… they are ALL Born Again Catholics! And well, THAT is JUST the tip of the iceberg!

      I’m JUST waiting for our Murudeshwara’da Yumreekan RampaNNA to bring up my allegedly Yumreeki visa topic ALL over again. Please don’t let me down, pyare RampaNNA. I need more laughs! I need my fix! 🙂

      Listen to my prayer, O’Lord. Amen!

  5. Why Dr Tejaswini is worried about Hindus. She forgot that whoever is born in this country are all Indians or Bharatiyaru. There is no need for them to go to any other country. Why should Christians or Muslims who are born in India need to go to other countries?

    Dr Tejaswini, I don’t agree with your statement that Hindus do not have any other country than India. How come most of the Hindus are working in gulf and Western countries and settled there, Hindus have settled all over the world. Do you mean to say that Hindus should all come back? Good thinking by a Dr….. ! Why are you trying to divide people in the name of Hindu, Christian and Muslims etc. Who are you anyway to tell others to go? Life is very short. Dont vomit poison which will only hurt you. We are all Indians and we are one.

  6. Good report. I’m really glad that there are still enough people who remember Akhanda Bharatha.

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