‘Winds of Change Will bring Back Congress to Power-BJP will be Crushed’- MLC Ivan D’Souza

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‘Winds of Change Will bring Back Congress to Power-BJP will be Crushed’- MLC Ivan D’Souza

Mangaluru: Addressing the media persons during a press meet held at his chamber in MCC building, MLC Ivan D’souza said, “In the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, there will be a tremendous change. The winds of change will be in favour of Congress to rule the country, whereas the BJP party with all their fake promises and lies will be totally crushed. During the last five years, BJP govt has only made promises, but none of them have materialized. People now know what contributions has BJP Govt and PM Modi have made to the nation, other than supporting the rich people like Ambani’s and Adani’s, thereby totally neglecting the common man”.

“In the 28 Lok Sabha seats in the State comprising of Congress and JD (S), we are confident of winning at least 24 seats. BJP govt has totally messed up in the Rafael deal, and its high time that FIR should be filed against the PM and others for their corruption and illegal dealing in this Rafael issue. Just look, when a load of sand is transported in a truck the officials are quick in cracking down on the driver, but while a load of RDX was loaded in a car, and used as explosion to kill 40 soldiers, none of the govt security personnel were there to crack down on the driver. This proves how much security this union govt is providing for its citizens,” added D’Souza.

He further said, “In the coming days we will be a printing a booklet on the dealing and happenings going on with the Rafael issue so that people know as to what actually is going on between PM and the others involved in this scam. PM has invaded common peoples wealth and properties, which is a shame. And now we have the Home Minister Rajnath Singh coming to Mangaluru this weekend to meet BJP leaders, and other business entrepreneurs and professionals, and they are calling it an Intellectual meet. I know what this intellectual meet will land up into, nothing but get money from these wealthy people and provide them the benefits later. That’s all this intellectual meet is all about”.

“In the last five years, PM Modi has done nothing for this country other than mere promises, looting common peoples’ money, responsible in killing our innocent soldiers, and feeding the rich people like the Ambani’s and Adani’s. There has been no developmental work in DK nor Mangaluru, and one example is the non-completed Kankanady Flyover under the tenure of MP Nalin Kumar Kateel. Pretty soon we will organize Bhajans near this flyover, urging God to help our leaders to finish the project soon. No doubt that the union govt has failed very miserably. There is no way that BJP will come back to power, it will be all Congress power in DK and Udupi districts,” added Ivan.

While concluding Ivan D’Souza said, “Regarding the Property Card mandatory in UPOR Mangaluru town, I had requested the concerned officials and govt to change the implementation date from 1 February 2019 to 15 May 2019, so that people get some extra time for registration. Very soon, Kadaba, Moodabidri, Mulki and Ullal will be taluks, and dates will be finalized soon. And regarding the Income Tax and ED officials filing an FIR on former minister Ramanath Rai is nothing but BJP game in defaming minister Rai’s and Congress Party’s name in the wake of LS election. We know that minister Rai is innocent in this issue, and we will fight until we get justice. We will not allow BJP to fool us in this issue”.

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  1. Which party is chosen and elected is not the issue, the concern of every unbiased Indian citizen is to have sane and well-balanced personalities in each sector of governance and people’s acceptance and support.

    Right now, for the past 4 years, all Indians, as well as foreigners around the Globe, hear of Indian politicians and the two parties squabbling on a daily basis, justifying who did what and who did not during their governance. One has to live in peace and harmony in the present. Squabbling and blame-gaming only amplifies hate and division, which does good only to those want India as a nation to be a third-world country of the sub-continent!

    Most Indian citizens are fed up with all the bad mouthing and blame-game of all those appointed to run the country and of all the high scale Banking scams and Defence scams.

    Demonetization to end Terrorism, the introduction of GST to end multiple taxations and to introduce higher taxes on chocolates to cement and everything in-between to 28%, Introduction of another card called AADHAR mandatory for transfer bottled gas subsidy to a consumer’s bank account and thereafter to a call to GIVE UP SUBSIDY and thereafter to link AADHAR to avail everything except to vote!

    What every Indian need is good basic infrastructure and amenities, affordable living, affordable housing, good and affordable health care and Education to international standards, good and transparent regulations, availability of jobs, and sensible taxation – even in the USA, the GST is only 9 to 10% depending on the state including Chocolates and Cement and everything in-between.

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