www.meduhub.com Launched- A Next-Gen Learning Platform for Medicos

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www.meduhub.com Launched- A Next-Gen Learning Platform for Medicos

“Our Vision is to be the best integrated learning resource for medical scholars and professionals by leveraging experiential methodology, advanced technology and design. Our Mission is To launch a global education technology initiative; and believing in Values- where Quality is absolute, without compromise, Integrity is paramount, we deliver what we promise; Striving for Excellence is a continuous process; Response is immediate, to address customer needs; and Respect is universal, starting with our employees “- Dr Prasad Hegde, Chairman and Founder of Meduhub.

Mangaluru: With a Vision is to be the best integrated learning resource for medical scholars and professionals by leveraging experiential methodology, advanced technology and design. And with a Mission to launch a global education technology initiative; and believing in Values- where Quality is absolute, without compromise, Integrity is paramount, and delivering what they promise; Striving for Excellence for a continuous process; Responding immediately, to address customer needs; and with a universal Respect starting with their employees, Meduhub is an Integrated and Experiential Medical Next Generation Learning Platform for Medicos.

Meduhub is the brainchild of Dr Prasad Hegde, a prominent Radiologist, Educational Entrepreneur and Medical College Professor in Mangaluru. Dr Hegde is driven by a vision to transform education in a way that can build a generation of well-trained ‘thinking professionals’. After setting up an experiential learning campus for PU students at PANA, Dr Hegde has now extended his vision to medical education to make it new-age, accessible and engaging. To bring to life Dr Prasad Hedge’s vision of transforming medical education from the existing exam-oriented rote-learning system to a more experiential system MEDUHUB was conceived as a new-age “student learning companion”.

Their field research was led by instructional designers, Shreya Ratakonda and Pradeep Siddappa- they interviewed MBBS. students to identify their challenges and requirements. Based on the findings of this research and a survey of the current best practices in medical education, they developed a novel ‘session-based framework’. Next, they brought in Subject Matter Experts who not only know the subject matter but also understand and implement the pedagogic styles that promote experiential learning. Thus the Meduhub was created.

The launching ceremony of ‘www.meduhub.com’ was held at Hotel Ocean Pearl-Mangaluru on Saturday, 11 November at 7 pm. The welcome address was delivered by the compere of the evening Cine-actor Anurag Bangera, followed by the inauguration of the programme by lighting the traditional lamp by chief guest Prof ( Dr) Shantharam Shetty, Pro-Chancellor-Nitte University and a world-renowned professor of orthopedics, along with Dr Prasad Hegde-Chairman/Founder of Meduhub; Dr Sudarshan Bhandary- Orthopaedic Surgeon; Dr Sudheer Hegde- Anesthesiologist; and Dr Jayaprakash- Forensic Medicine Expert.

After a short intro audio-video presentation and brand vision of Meduhub, the unveiling of the website “www.meduhub.com” was done by the Chief Guest along with other dignitaries. In his inaugural address, Dr Shantharam Shetty said, “Through education, a person can become more knowledgeable, understandable, and can make a good living. Even though India is a highly populated country of 1.34 billion, but sadly the majority of them are illiterate. Therefore Education is very important, which makes you learn, and re-learn to be a better person. Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits.

Education frequently takes place under the guidance of educators, but learners may also educate themselves. Education can take place in formal or informal settings and any experience that has a formative effect on the way one thinks, feels, or acts may be considered educational. The methodology of teaching is called pedagogy. Education depends on a true teacher. During our generation, we did not have all the facilities, but the present generation is lucky because they can get all the information and knowledge by the click of a button on the computer.”

Dr Shetty further said, ” This brainchild “Meduhub” of Dr Prasad Hegde comprising of three subjects namely Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry will be very convenient for students to learn at their own suitable time sitting in their room, and learn more about medical education. Today problem-based education can be solved early through high-tech invention, like Meduhub. We should really envy the present generation of students, where they have all the facilities that they can avail, learn more, and re-learn to be smart and a better person. Mangaluru being a fast growing city, leading in educational institutions, hotel industry, hospitals and so on, and along with that Meduhub made in Mangaluru will go a long way helping medicos to become professional doctors. Kudos to Dr Prasad Hegde for his innovative and unique project and I wish Meduhub all success”.

Briefing about Meduhub, Dr Prasad Hegde said, ” Meduhub is an Integrated and Experiential Medical Learning Platform. Our new age curriculum studies the human body as a unified system; Drawing constant inter-connections between the three primary subjects: Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry in order to facilitate integrated learning. Our unique pedagogy stimulates problem-solving skills in students right from the start, with interactive content that encourages conceptual learning over rote. Meduhub adopts the latest technology, incorporating: customised interactive 3D models, animations, videos, and real-life case studies within the lessons, to help visualise and correlate the different systems in the human body. Through experiential learning, Students learn to assimilate skills and knowledge from multiple sources and apply them in different contexts.

“Curated by experienced teachers and endorsed by top practitioners, Meduhub’s integrated medical curriculum is based on insights gathered from intensive field research on various medical education practices around the world. Our chief aim is to be the best learning resource for medical scholars and professionals. To prepare a confident generation of M.B.B.S. students to excel in their medical practice, through integrated subject knowledge, experiential methodology and advanced technology. The digital revolution has rendered conventional, exam-oriented instructional design as ill-equipped for the next generation of students. This is a platform for students who have joined the medical education. There are case scenarios where students can learn and get better knowledge when they move from graduation into post-graduation. Meduhub will aid the student as a personal assistant. And we at Meduhub wish to ride this digital wave to create a platform for a breakthrough in Medical education. Recognizing that The Future of education is Mobile and digital” added Dr Hegde.

The three SMEs of Meduhub namely Chandni Pinto, M.Sc. Anatomy; Sathya Bhama CV, M.Sc. Medical Physiology; and Girija Venkatesh, M.Sc. Biochemistry was introduced to the audience by the MC- and Chandni Pinto put a light on the Meduhub UX -Pedagogy through a audio-video presentation, followed by a group photo of the entire team behind the creation of Meduhub namely- Dr Prasad Hegde -Chairman; Unnikrishnan Raghavan -Director; Kaushik Hegde -Director; Girija Venkatesh SME (Biochemistry);Sathya Bhama -SME (Physiology); Chandni Pinto -SME (Anatomy);Ashwin BM -Senior Visual Designer;Kashyap KS -Visual Designer; Athul Palayat -Test Care. On the occasion, Suyasha Shetty, the only proud daughter of Dr Prasad Hegde was called on to the stage, wishing her “Happy Birthday”, and with the audience joining in singing the Birthday song. The vote of thanks was proposed by Unnikrishnan Raghavan.


Medubub is an integrated online Medical learning Portal/Platform that teaches subjects in a holistic and integrated manner; emphasizing on conceptional learning, rather than rote learning. It is driven by the vision of Dr Prasad Hegde, a prominent educationist, and a leading Radiologist in Mangaluru. His vision is backed by experts in the field of medicine, educationists, and technologists. This online medical learning platform which creates a new, experiential way of learning medicine, combining interactive technology with an integrated Pedagogy designed to aid students and create better medical professionals.

The Medical Learning Curriculum comprises of three subjects:


Build a strong foundation in anatomy with Meduhub’s interactive 3D models and customized video tours of the human body. Pair it with challenging real-life case studies, and you’ve found yourself a comprehensive learning companion.


Correlate the physiology of organ systems with respective anatomical regions and biochemical reactions. Go beyond the conventional system-based study of life processes, in order to understand the human body as a unified whole.


Explore the fundamental biochemical pathways of the human body in the context of anatomical structures and physiological processes. Reflect on unconventional case studies, activities and challenges that are seamlessly woven into every module

The curriculum with these three terms aligns with the term-based 1st M.B.B.S curriculum recommended by MCI. Each subject has numbered topics. Each topic has bite-sized sessions packed with engaging visuals, feedback-driven activities, and optional Deep Dive reading material. Students can track their progress for subscribed packages, receive notifications or take quizzes to know where they stand among peers, on the multipurpose user dashboard.

Free Sampler! As part of the launch offer, students can avail 3 free sessions as a guest, and 6 free sessions (3 per subject) as a Registered User. They can choose packages to subscribe either to individual subject packs or the triple pack (Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry). The management recommends the triple pack for a seamless integrated learning experience.

About Dr Prasad Hegde- the Chairman/Founder of Meduhub:

Dr Prasad Hegde is a Radiologist, Educational Entrepreneur, Visionary, and Founder of Meduhub. He has worked at Apollo Hospitals and taught at A.J. Medical College, Mangaluru, before venturing into educational entrepreneurship to mentor a generation of ‘thinking professionals’. Meduhub is lead by this vision to make medical education new-age, accessible and engaging.

For more Details Contact : +91 9632054879; email: support@meduhub.com; Website: www.meduhub.com

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