Baliga Murder – Naresh Shenoy’s Close Associate

Baliga Murder – Naresh Shenoy’s Close Associate in Police Custody

Mangaluru: It is over a month and a half since the murder of RTI activist Vinayak Pandurang Baliga took place in the city.

The main suspect and founder of NaMo Brigade, Naresh Shenoy, is still at large and has remained untraceable. Baliga’s friends have accused that powerful state-level politicians have been stalling his arrest.


In a related development, Vishwanath Bhat of Kochi in Kerala, has been taken into custody by the police for possible clues leading to Shenoy’s whereabouts.

Bhat is said to be the personal assistant to Samyamindra Swamiji of Kashi math to which the GSB community owes its allegiance. It is significant that victim Baliga, suspect Shenoy and Bhat belong to the same community.

Bhat is said to have been keeping contact with Shenoy ever since the latter went underground after the murder. Bhat had arrived with the Swamiji in Karkala.
On getting this information, Bhat was picked by the investigating team from there.

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