BJP demands to hand over DySP Ganapathi case to CBI

BJP demands to hand over DySP Ganapathi case to CBI

Udupi: The Bharatiya Janata Party demanded a CBI inquiry into the death of Deputy Superintendent of Police MK Ganapathi, who committed suicide on Thursday. The party’s district unit organised a protest at the Clock Tower near Service bus-stand here on Saturday, July 9.

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Addressing the protesters, district president of BJP Mattar Rathnakar Hegde said that the Siddaramaiah government is playing with the lives of honest officials and driving them to take extreme steps like suicide. “The people of Karnataka are frustrated with the administration of Siddaramaiah. Kudligi DySP Anupama Shenoy was also harassed, she revolted and submitted her resignation to the government. Also in a recent incident, Mysuru DC Shikha went to the police station to file a case against the chief minister’s aide and former ZP president K Marigowda for threatening her,” said Hegde.

image014BJP-demands-to-handover-dySP-ganapathi-case-to-CBI-20160709 image016BJP-demands-to-handover-dySP-ganapathi-case-to-CBI-20160709 image019BJP-demands-to-handover-dySP-ganapathi-case-to-CBI-20160709 image020BJP-demands-to-handover-dySP-ganapathi-case-to-CBI-20160709

“DySP Ganapathi in his death note had mentioned the names of former home minister K J George and two other high-ranking police officials. The state government has failed to protect police officials in the state.” Hegde demanded that the Chief Minister immediately ask for the resignation of K J George or drop him from the cabinet.

Former MLA Raghupathi Bhat, ZP president Dinakar Babu, vice president Sheela K Shetty, TP president Nalini Pradeep, ZP member Gitanjali Suvarna, Shilpa Suvarna, Reshma Uday Shetty, BJP leaders Yaspal Suvarna, Raghavendra Kini, Uday Kumar Shetty, Prathap Shetty and others were present.

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