Where She Should Be Now

Where She Should Be Now

I used to “like” a girl,
Who was precious like a pearl
Her hair was arrogant curl
in my imagination her face is blur
Where she should be

I used to “love” a girl,
Who was gracious than all
Her face always gazed lower
She had a fragrance of blooming flowers
Where she should be

I used to “believe” in her
When my life was like a lawn of clover
Red, blue, purple and of all different colour
But now it turned to the darkest of all as it’s all over
Where she should be

She said she never loved me at all
And moved away as for her I don’t exist at all
From my eyelashes darkest tears in a fall
She doesn’t like me at all and that was all
What she said to me

I changed myself to a traveller
And without directions moved all around in search of her
As I passed by the lawn of clover in my melancholic hour
I remember everything and all the times that we had together
Where she should be now.

by  Mohammed Mohsien, Mangaluru

Author’s Note: All that I have written is just fiction to entertain my friends and my beloved but not reality. In reality we all been broken in love or some other matters and we all know that getting over a breakup can sometimes be lonely and lead to sadness. But Anyone who has ever gone through some sort of heartbreak knows what awful pain it can cause, both physically and mentally. It can be devastating, shattering, and overwhelming.

For a broken hearted may have a feeling of that no one loves them. But they need to question themselves do they love themselves. When people start to love themselves more each day, it’s amazing how their lives get better. They feel better. And they will be loved by others too.

To love yourself is not an act of selfishness but to inspire yourself day by day for a better living and as well as your surroundings. I appreciate the readers for their precious time taken to read and thank you all. I thank mangalorean.com for giving me an amazing opportunity to share my poetry.

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