A Parenting Session to Help Parents Raise Responsible, Healthy Children

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A Parenting Session to Help Parents Raise Responsible, Healthy Children

Bengaluru: Rahul (name changed), a class 9 student was an exceptional performer in both academics and co-curricular activities until class 7. However, in class 8, there was a significant change in Rahul’s behaviour, he stopped participating in the school activities which he would earlier participate with great enthusiasm and there was also a sharp decline in his academic performance. His parents and class teacher observed the change in behaviour and were worried as there was no obvious reason for his change. He was referred to the school counselor and it was discovered that he was addicted to his smartphone, after multiple sessions he was brought back to form.

This is not a sole case especially in urban living; to equip parents with strategies to tackle these challenges they encounter as parents; a parenting session for the parents of LKG to class 8 was conducted in multiple sessions during the last week of January by the school counsellor Ms Sheela Balan.

The session began with a presentation on the mental health statistics focusing on children and adolescents in the country. Many real-life case studies on addiction to social media were presented to help parents better relate to the issue at hand. Practical and workable suggestions were shared with the parents in an interactive manner to enable them to choose the strategies relevant and specific to help their child. The audience was also made aware of how sedentary lifestyles of their children impact their fine and gross motor skills which in turn negatively affect their academics. This is a cause of concern as performance in academics affects the mental well being of the child considering academics is rated highly in a traditional society.

If one side of the coin is unrestricted access to digital use, the other side of the coin is lack of nutritious food contributing to diminished mental and physical capability of the child. The second part of the session was to bring awareness to the parents about the importance of nutrition not only for a healthy body but also for a sound mind. Adverse effects of junk food were discussed with supporting videos.

The third aspect which parents often overlook is the less seen but potentially more damaging than the above two issues is ‘Parental Neglect’. Keeping with the fast-paced world, parents aim at providing for the child rather than equipping their child to sustain & succeed by themselves. Parents were educated about the various abuses a child may be put through knowingly or unknowingly by their care givers.

This session was arranged mainly to help parents deal with these issues which primarily affect their child’s wellbeing. At St Joseph’s School CBSE, we aim to work with parents to ensure each and every student in the campus is happy and healthy both mentally and physically. This will only enhance the quality of education and in turn, deliver quality citizens. The session was well received and appreciated by everyone who attended and also requested for many more such sessions.

Here is what a few parents had to say about the session: “Today’s parenting session was excellent. Ms Sheela, the in house counsellor has delivered a great session. We should have more of it” –Mr Kamal

“The session was an informative and excellent one”- Edmond Lewis

“This session spoke about the current issues happening in all schools. It was simple and excellent strategies were shared by Ms Sheela to help our children cope with the present times” – Samuel

The session was indeed very informative. During the session, Ms Sheela highlighted on how parents have to adapt to situations as that of a mentor. She demonstrated on how parents positive interaction with their children contribute to their self-esteem, confidence and the well-being of a child” –Ms Tina Marti

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