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Saturday, March 28, 2020

Goa Origin Valentine Fernandes Crowned ‘Miss India NZ 2017’ in Auckland, New Zealand

Goa Origin Valentine Fernandes Crowned 'Miss India NZ 2017' in Auckland, New Zealand Former Recipient of 'Taranaki Beauty', 'Miss Exotic NZ' and 'Miss Global Beauty...

Eye For An Eye

It is easy to mistake him for a madcap. Not that it would upset him or anybody would mind. The ones who?d reduced him...

‘Unbeaten Paths’ Autobiography of Fr Fernandes Released

'Unbeaten Paths' Autobiography of Fr Fernandes Released A tell-all Memoir "Unbeaten Paths" - an autobiography by Fr John Fernandes was released on 22 September to...

The greener waste

what exactly is Swachh Bharat? It is a campaign on cleanliness initiated by our Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It involves construction of latrines

A Ray Of Hope

Name:  Cydelle Maria PaisParents: Claude Pais and Brenda PaisPlace of Residence: Abu DhabiAge: 11School: St. Joseph's school, Abu Dhabi I am Cydelle Maria Pais, Daughter...

The Legacy Of The Holy Father Pope John Paul II

BiographyCardinal Karol Wojtyla of Cracow was elected Bishop of Rome and 263rd successor of St. Peter as Supreme Pastor of the Universal Church on...

Observing People Under The Microscope

By nature, I am not curious in the sense that if I were to come across some person I had never seen before, entering...

The Many Pitfalls of Holding on to Money

The Many Pitfalls of Holding on to Money Benjamin Franklin once noted that "Wealth is not his that has it, but his that enjoys it"....

China: Is it A Threat to Neighbours and the World?

Till the end of 1970s, China was a very backward country.? Sometime in 1981 or 1982 in an Economic Times (ET) issue I read...

Death and Dying!

Life as well as Death are both realities and at the same time a mystery that all of us experience at every moment of...

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