Baliga Murder, DSO Holds Padayatra to Arrest Naresh Shenoy

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Mangaluru: Desha Premi Sangatanegala Okkuta (DPSO) held a protest rally from the spot of Vinayaka Baliga’s murder to the Police Commissioner’s office here on May 2.

The padayatra began from Kalakunj and passed via Shri Venkataramana temple. The family members of Vinayaka Baliga offered prayers in front of the Temple where Prof. Narendra Nayak also spoke to the protesters. The padayatra later proceeded through Rupavani Talkies, old clock Tower and culminated in front of the police commissioner’s office.

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Before the march, Social Activist Narendra Nayak said, “Our protest in front of the Deputy Commissioner’s office has failed to yield results. The police can find out where the underworld elements like Dawood and Chota Rajan are hiding but have failed in tracking down Naresh Shenoy. The situation in our society is such that murderers can apply for bail and then threaten the witnesses. People have a short memory, but we will not forget this murder. We will protest at the Bengaluru Town Hall on May 6 and if there is no improvement, then we will even go to Delhi.”

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Vinayaka’s sisters, Usha Shenoy and Anuradha Baliga also spoke on the occasion. Usha said, “He was a devotee of Lord Venkataramana. The Lord should deliver justice to us.”

At the Commissioner’s Office, Narendra Nayak said, “With the rejection of the anticipatory bail, we are now sure that the law is on our side. The courts after going through the evidence find Naresh Shenoy as the prime accused. We hope the High Court and Supreme Court will also reject the bail application.”

He further said, “If Naresh is caught then the names of others involved in corruption will be revealed. That is why these forces are trying to shield Naresh. Each one is trying to save their own skin.”

State President of DYFI, Muneer Katipalla said, “Though Naresh Shenoy was the prime accused the police have failed to arrest him even after 40 days. Our Police Commissioner is a competent officer and we believe that he will deliver. But we will intensify the protest if there is no development in the case.”

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Muneer said, “There are invisible hands trying to shield Naresh Shenoy. Our Home Minister G Parameshwar should act and give us justice. Minister UT Khader and MLA JR Lobo have visited the victims and posed for photographs shedding crocodile tears. We don’t demand this type of a consolation, we want the accused to be arrested. MP Nalin Kumar Kateel without giving a single statement has given us a sign of his defeat in the next assembly elections. It is sad that the public of Mangaluru wake up only when there is a communal tension.”He also said that during the elections Vinayak Baliga campaigned for MP Nalin Kumar, but Nalin did not visit Baliga’s house nor has he taken any interest to know about the case. If anyone would have been killed by the other community the situation would have been tense with violence, but when an RTI activist has been murdered by his own community member, people act as if nothing has happened. We need to strengthen our agitation, if we do not get justice we will go to Bengaluru and gherao the Home minister’s office and demand justice.

Protesters shouted slogans for arresting Naresh Shenoy. P V Mohan, Gaurav and others also spoke on the occasion. Somnath Naik, Dayananda Shetty, Karunakar, Vidhya Dinker, Karunakar, Ganesh Baliga, Nithin Kuthar, Vinayak Baliga’s sisters Anuradha, Akshatha and Usha Shenoy, Renny D’Souza and others were also present.

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