BJP Workers Barge into DC Office Premises Demanding Arrest of K J George

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Mangaluru: The BJP party workers barged into the DC office premises demanding the arrest of former Home Minister K J George in connection with DySP Ganapathi’s suicide here, on July 12.

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BJP workers staged a protest against the former home minister and the two officers who are responsible for the suicide of DySP Ganapathi. They demanded the resignation of K J George and an FIR to be filed against the minister and the officers.

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Addressing the protesters, Rahim Uchil said that during the Congress’ rule, there is no safety for police officers “They are committing suicide because of harassment by Congress ministers. If the police officers do not have safety, how can the common man live under such a rule?” he questioned.

Rahim also said, “Let the Congress government open all the jails to arrest us. If they arrest one group, more groups will come and protest against the Congress government. We will not stop our agitation until the former home minister is arrested.” He further alleged that George has “blood on his hands”.

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BJP leader Jayaram Shetty said that there is no justice during Congress rule. “Government officers work under pressure and politicians interfere in the police department harassing honest officers. DySP Ganapathi was an honest police officer. He had strived very hard to become a DySP. But the harassment meted out to him by the former home minister led him to commit suicide. If the Congress wants to end their ruling in the state, let them continue to harass police officers. If they want to remain in power for another two years, let the CM drop K J George from the cabinet and file an FIR against him.”

Jayaram further said, “Recently DySP Ganapathi was waiting outside the house of Minister U T Khader. When I was passing by, I stopped and asked Ganapathi why he was waiting outside the gate. Ganapathi replied that a case was registered against him in connection to the 2008 church attack, so he was there to request minister U T Khader to withdraw the case.”

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Jayaram also said that the harassment by the minister must have been immense for a police officer to commit suicide. “If the CM will not drop K J George from his cabinet, we will drive out Siddaramaiah along with George soon,” he added.

District BJP president Sanjeev Matandoor alleged that chief minister Siddaramaiah is “directly responsible” for the suicide of DySP Ganapathi. “The CM is trying to save K J George by not letting an FIR be filed against him. The people thought that the state will be developed if Congress comes to power under the leadership of CM Siddaramaiah. But as soon as Siddaramaiah took charge as the chief minister, farmers started committing suicide. 1300 farmers have committed suicide in the state. Now, even police officers are committing suicide. Any honest officer cannot work under the Congress government.”

“Before committing suicide, Ganapathi had revealed the names of three persons who were responsible for driving him to take the extreme step. But now, the Siddaramaiah government is twisting this case. They have put an allegation on Ganapathi’s wife, that he had committed suicide due to family problems. They are doing this to break the family,” said Matandoor.

Addressing the protesters, MP Nalin Kumar Kateel said that the people of the state wanted a “Rama Rajya” and voted so, for the Congress. “But after Siddaramaiah became the chief minister of the state, it has become a Ravana Rajya. Recently, DySP Ganapathi, an honest police officer who committed suicide, revealed the names of three persons who drove him to do the act. But the Chief Minister has not taken any action. Instead, he is trying to save the minister who has been named.”

Nalin alleged that the CM is directly responsible for the suicide of Ganapathi. “We will not stop our protest. We are ready to call for a district bandh if the CM will not drop K J George from the cabinet.” He also demanded the arrest of George along with the two officers whose names Ganapathi revealed before committing suicide.

The protesters barged into the DC office premises and picketed at the entrance of the DC office building. They shouted slogans against the ministers and the Congress government. Later, ADC Kumar arrived at the entrance and received the memorandum from the district BJP president Sanjeev Matandoor. The protesters then dispersed from the premises.

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