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By Donald D’ Silva, Mira Road, Karkala

Donald D’ Silva is an Advertising Professional & Brand Strategist managing his own Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai. He writes about Current Affairs, Political Analysis, Bollywood Happenings and a variety of Social subjects.



(There are four friends who were thick and thin in their childhood. They were inseparable. Now, today they are in their 50 s and late 50s. they regularly get together and make merry as they have made their money and are well settled in their lives. It is the case of jumping early into business and tasting success. Two of them have taken VRS and settled down.)

  1. Jeevan Shetty: He is the owner of three Bar & Restaurants. One in Mangalore and two in Mumbai. A billionaire in his own right. From Karkala.
  2. Sathish Shenoy: He has a cloth store in Moodbidri. He has two veg Restaurants in Mumbai.
  3. Richard Almeida: He has one Bar & Restaurant in Mumbai.
  4. Melvin D’ Mello – He has two night clubs in Mumbai.

Jeevan: Welcome Friends!! India has surpassed most of the nations in the corona infection record. Now, we will cross Russia soon and will be on the third number soon globally!

Satish: Not surprising!! Hospitals are full!! Policemen and doctors are dying. 20k in a day in just five days!!

Richard: Very alarming situation! Only Brazil and US are ahead of us!

Melvin: It was expected! We do not have the facilities for random checks! In the US, they check fast and results are declared immediately. For our population, we are not geared up by our administration. The worst is yet to come!

J: Forget the COVID checkups, our MCC administration and the officials are just digging up roads like nobody’s business!! Just see the situation everywhere. Digging of roads/streets/bye-lanes/footpaths will never stop in Mangaluru no matter what and we have seen it in the past and will see it in future too.

S: Mangaluru City Corporation, PWD, MESCOM, Telephone Co.’s, Contractors, building owners, etc. They all dig the roads/streets, footpaths etc.

R: There is no end to this- and once they dig, and after their work is done, they leave the dug-up area in a shabby condition. And no action is taken against them, by the concerned authorities.

M: There is a lot of corruption among the Engineers and the Contractors. Poor people who travel are suffering! We have earmarked Mangaluru as one of the “Smart City” of India, it seems like we are lacking “Smart People”, right from MCC Officials, Engineers, Contractors, and other District authorities who are simply wasting taxpayers hard-earned money on projects, which once completed have to be re-done or new roads have to be dug up to lay drainage or construct new manholes or address some water problems. Sheer waste of time and taxpayers’ money!

J: Always it is the same, we never are ready for the rainy season at all!! Now corona has taken centre stage!

S: Let’s get onto the Bollywood scenario, we all along with the people of Mangalore are totally disturbed. Can’t bear the civic problems emanating out of the carelessness of the corrupt officials of MCC.

R: I wanted to enlighten you about the stars who made it on their own in Bollywood. Even though it is tough, they withered all storms and has carved a niche for themselves!

M: Yes! Very interesting subject! I have done a lot of research on the same as well!

J: Bhai log! Go ahead, shoot!

R: There is an impressive list. Dilip Kumar, Jeetendra, Amitabh Bacchan, Dharmendra, Rajesh Khanna, Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Akshay Kumar, Kangana Ranaut, Deepika Padukone, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Katrina Kaif, Madhuri Dixit etc. The list is endless! No nepotism here!

J: Shahrukh is from Delhi isn’t it?

M: Poor guy! He lost both his parents at a young age! The Delhi born-and-bred actor, who trained under a city theatre group, came to Mumbai in the late eighties. He had travelled without a ticket back then. He came with nothing to lose in the Bollywood industry. His life changed one day when he caught the eyes of producer Vivek Vaswani while eating roadside biryani in Bandra.

R: Right! The very next day Vivek took him to GP Sippy and that day he signed 5 films together. Khan also worked in TV shows. Shah Rukh made his Bollywood debut with “Deewana” in 1992. His first film was ‘ Dil Aashna Hai’ directed by Dreamgirl, Hema Malini, but Deewana released first!

R: In the next three years, he gave Bollywood one of its most iconic films “Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge” and soon earned the title of King Khan. He did negative roles rejected by others, like ‘Baazigar’ and ‘Darr’, and there was no looking back for this talented actor. His pairing with Kajol in DDLJ became a huge hit! A new film Jodi was born, akin to Dharam Hema or Amit Rekha!

Shah Rukh was in love with Gauri Khan. Their road to settling down together wasn’t the easiest. During their courtship years, the couple is said to have faced several hurdles.

S: I have read somewhere that, one fight between the two led Gauri to leave Delhi for Mumbai without letting Shah Rukh know. With just Rs 10,000 in his pocket, Shah Rukh followed Gauri to the city that would eventually become his home and made up with her at Mumbai’s Gorai beach.

M: Yeah! The couple finally got married on October 25, 1991. Shah Rukh Khan was a lukka at that time. had to borrow a suit from the costume department of his movie Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman for the occasion.

J: Gauri proved to be lucky for him! He became a Superstar!!

S: A real rag to riches story!

M: Kajol has acted with SRK in many movies. Most of them are hits! Kajol came to films by great coaxing from her mother, ‘Tanuja’! Father, late Shomu Mukerjee also supported her. Her first movie ‘Bekhudi was a flop. Baazigar with SRK shot her to fame and then DDLJ.

R: SRK has taken many risks! He acted in ‘Josh’ as Aishwarya Rai’s brother, the role rejected by none other than Aamir Khan. He said he does not want to act in a movie as a brother to Ash. Josh was also a hit!! It was directed by Aamir’s cousin Mansoor Khan, still, he declined the role!

J: So, SRK took heavy risks all along!

R: Beggars are not choosers! He knows well! Today he lives in ‘Mannat’ at Bandstand. He has three children. Wife Gauri is a well-known Interior Designer. He hosts shows and has won Film fare awards repeatedly.

M: The next one, I would like to mention is Katrina kaif.

S: I had seen her in her first movie ‘Boom’! She was a novice. Then, with Salman’s help, she climbed the stairs to stardom!

J: Why Salman is such a rogue in the Industry? He helps a lot of people, but, his dominating habits are very bad! Who does he think, he is?

R: That is what? After ‘Wanted’ movie, whatever, he touches has become gold! He has amassed a lot of wealth! He is the producer of Kapil Sharma’s show and also a successful host of colours channel’s ‘Big Boss’! His father is grounded and humble, but, Sallu acts like a brat at the age of 54 and throws his weight around!

R: The guy is totally pagal! There are many funny incidents of him. He has finished the career of Vivek Oberoi completely! The only mistake of Vivek was to give a press conference after he had beaten to pulp Aishwarya Rai, his erstwhile girlfriend!

S: Funny part is, we drink cold drinks, Sallu has a unique way. He emptied a full bottle of Thums up on his ex-girlfriend Somy Ali’s head!! Ha! Ha!

J: Somy ran away to the US after that!! Last heard, she was a compere on some show!

M: But, he is okay with Katrina though! No maramaari with her! She left him and stayed with Ranbir Kapoor for six years and then moved on. Still, Sallu forgave her and made her star in his two movies ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ and ‘Bharat’!

R: He is a little mad!! Unpredictable character! No shaadi but!! He! He!

J: Why no marriage?

S: He is afraid to get married. During this lockdown period, he is in his farm not with one woman but two!

J: Who?

M: Lulia vantur and Jaqueline Fernandes!! We saw virals of him, of horse riding with both! He even shot songs of his latest ‘Radhe’ film there. Crazy person!

S: Something is definitely wrong! The director of his first movie of the franchise ‘Dabangg’ has accused him of ruining his career!! The bewakoof Arbaaz Khan directed the second instalment and Malaika, his wife ran away!

J: Ran away where? She deserted him and is ensconced safely in the arms of Arjun Kapoor!

S: Tell us something about Katrina Kaif, Richard bhai, She is also a self-made star!

R: Katrina Kaif started her modelling career at the age of 14. It was during these days the actress was discovered by London-based filmmaker Kaizad Gustad, who offered her a role in his film. Katrina made her Bollywood debut in 2003 with “Boom”.

M: Pata nahin, How, Salman noticed her. After that, she rose quickly. There was news like she was asked to wear short skirts in Feroz Nadiadwala’s ‘ Welcome’ movie. Salman called the producer and fired him. But, Katrina told the producer, not to worry and she went ahead with the exposing tactics and Sallu kept quiet like a small puppy!!

R: Salim Khan, Sallu’s father had stated once, however, he tries, his son does not understand. He goes and falls in love with his heroines, say Sangeeta Bijlani, Somy Ali, Aishwarya and now Katrina! They are all career-minded women and they will go to any length to further their careers. Then, Sallu gets agitated and fights with them and then everything is kaput! He advised Sallu to look for women outside the Film industry, but he does not listen!!

M: He only listens to Katrina and Lulia, some magic here!! Others he does not care! They are a little firm and the Sri Lankan import, Jaqueline is just a nut. Usko apna career aage badana hai!! That’s all!! Kick with Salman, which was a hit gave a big boost to her career. Earlier, she painted the town red with Sajid Khan and then after houseful movie’s release, they are not on talking terms!

J: Jaqueline is a parasite! We all know that!! Her father is a huge Amitabh fan, she came to India and acted in ‘Alladdin’ with him and Ritesh, the movie became a celebrated flop!!

S: Katrina still carries herself with dignity, except when she was head over heels in love with Ranbir and now again she is back in business!  Toota Phoota Hindi she speaks, no doubt and dances well!! We saw her dances in ’Chikni Chameli’, ‘Sheela ki Jawaani’, and in Dhoom 3 and after that many! She has learnt acting painstakingly!

M: When she started, she acted with Akshay in many movies, then moved to other heroes. Salman dances to her tunes like a cobra dancing to a pungi bajanewala! She is looking after her family of six sisters. Mother is into some NGO and has invested in many properties. If she has any problems, she has Sallu’s shoulder to cry on. Wise girl!!

R: Except love and marriage, she has everything!! She has acted well in some movies and has an agreeable fan following and excellent screen presence!

J: Sallu is doing dadagiri in the industry always! Why? Why certain producers are afraid of him?

R: He was afraid of going to jail earlier, as the cases are resolved now, he is back to his old self!! Throwing his weight around! He has some power with unscrupulous elements to frighten the industry.

J: Earlier, once on Katrina’s birthday bash, Shahrukh and Salman got into a drunken brawl and were not on talking terms for say, around four years! SRK made fun of him about Ash and his pagaalpanti! Now the same SRK is publicly proclaiming Salman as the  Superstar, bigger than him!! Just see the change in SRK!!

R: If this is the case, then other lallu Panju stars and producers, directors…! What will they do?

S: He is called ‘Bhai’ by the industry folks! A lifelong….ajanm Brahmachari is calling the shots in the Industry!! He! He!

M: But, Aamir Khan, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn and some others like Nana Patekar etc. do not care!! There are people in the industry who care two hoots about Salman.

J: Chalo! Other self-made lists we can explore next time we meet!! Let’s attack the food!!

S:  Yeah! We all are hungry too…lets continue tom….!!

(All got up and moved to the dining table, the next destination!)

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