Divine Touch

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Divine Touch

Oh Jesus, as a child I never knew you so well,
Only thought of you as a man punished so cruelly, and left to die on a cross.
As I began to meet you on all cross roads of my life,
I understood and realised –
That it was my sins you bore and died,
To save a wretch from fires of hell.

Oh Jesus, how merciful you have been to me,
You pardoned my sins and taught me to forgive others.
Always taking care of my needs, and,
Moulding me to be the person, not what I want to be, but what you want me to

As I travelled my journey of life,
I was able to shed all unwanted elements.
You clothed me in humbleness.
Always teaching me to accept you, as my provider.
Fulfilling your promise – that you will never leave me or forsake me,
If I placed my trust in you.

In all my trials of ups and down,
You made all impossible events possible.
You were always there by my side.
Instead of being thankful, I grumbled and complained,
Never did I notice your presence,
Till I felt a knock on my head.

Now I can feel your presence so much,
You helped me carry my cross.
In sorrow and in all difficulties –
While you carried the heavier side,
I was just at the tail end trotting my way so very comfortably.

Thank you for being my best friend Jesus,
Never allowing my tears to go in vain.
Helping me to sleep so soundly,
To wake up with your grace to a new day
One among countless blessings you have bestowed on me.

Don’t let me relax – I pray,
Constantly help me keep my gaze focused on you.
So much peace I experience,
That never can be purchased at any cost;
from the things of this world.

What a treasure to hold on to you my dear Jesus and Mama Mary,
While you work your plans for me.
Till one day you call me to my eternal home,
Where I will have finally earned my well-deserved rest.

By Susan D’Souza

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