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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

The English Conundrum

My recent column on the encouraged some of my friends to debate on the subject of Englishism vs Americanism, the Toilet vs Restroom scenario...

Hanging Corpses, Flying Buns

It was yet another boring social-studies exam. In the sole mission of regurgitating all the 'by-hearted' dates and kings, a curious event erased my...

New broom, sweep clean!

It was early in the morning. I was in the toilet, trying to hurry morning rituals awaiting my Manager's call. While in tension, nature's...

Only For Men..!

I am not as much worried about global warming as I am worried about the decreasing levels of human intelligence.  Some of the most...

Of Hell, Rock Groups and Churchill

Just the other day my five year old son Ethan put the question that kids at his age usually do "What happens when we...

The Sure Bet

We were all sitting in executive lunch tables. "Rao, would you like to bet on the world cup winner?" Asked one of my colleagues. All that...

2006 – The End Of The World!

I cannot imagine what goes on in my wife's head sometimes.  She's been as fearsome as a Viking all year through but now when...

Writing – Not My Cup Of Tea

Recently my wife wrote two beautiful articles on "Mangalorean.com" which, were well received and appreciated by the readers ( and ). Written straight from...

Area that matters…

I was driving down the Sheikh Zayed Road, close to Shankar's office and suddenly remembered I needed to meet him. I called him up. "Shankar,...

To Sir With Humor – Teachers Day Special

Teachers Day! This colloquial word still evokes the image of a saree clad spectacled lady, brandishing a stick threatening to hypnotize young wards under...

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