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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

The English Conundrum

My recent column on the encouraged some of my friends to debate on the subject of Englishism vs Americanism, the Toilet vs Restroom scenario...

Throne Where All Are Equal

The other day a topic of conversation with friends touched on a sensitive subject ? death, and the great equalizer it is. Whilst I...

Hasta la Vista Mi Amor Unc. Sam

Note: Dear readers, to get a real feel of this story, a cursory look at part I ? , and part II ? is...

Sunday Blues

My bike was on a strike last Sunday, and inspite of kicking hard, it refused to to cough. I understood, it needed a long sleep,...


My mother-in-law is in Kuwait. Like everyone, she has lately developed the urge to pour her emotions into the all pervasive, slim & trim,...

Alternate Career Path…It’s here!

It was Friday. I was just out of bed. Normally I take about two minutes to drink the morning tea. Friday is an exception....

Support Bollywood

On my recent vacation that just concluded, one of the main items in my agenda was to meet my cousin. She is happily married,...

The Sure Bet

We were all sitting in executive lunch tables. "Rao, would you like to bet on the world cup winner?" Asked one of my colleagues. All that...

Of Hell, Rock Groups and Churchill

Just the other day my five year old son Ethan put the question that kids at his age usually do "What happens when we...

Sunday Sililoque

"Daamanna jumped into the neighbour's well last night!" Devappa announced, and released a long jet of saliva shaded scarlet red by the 'bachhire' he...

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