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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Alternate Career Path…It’s here!

It was Friday. I was just out of bed. Normally I take about two minutes to drink the morning tea. Friday is an exception....

Area that matters…

I was driving down the Sheikh Zayed Road, close to Shankar's office and suddenly remembered I needed to meet him. I called him up. "Shankar,...

Support Bollywood

On my recent vacation that just concluded, one of the main items in my agenda was to meet my cousin. She is happily married,...

From Uncle Sam with Love

Prologue: The son has finally made it big in the US of A. Everything appears bright and beautiful although Xmas is almost a whole year...

Hanging Corpses, Flying Buns

It was yet another boring social-studies exam. In the sole mission of regurgitating all the 'by-hearted' dates and kings, a curious event erased my...

The English Conundrum

My recent column on the encouraged some of my friends to debate on the subject of Englishism vs Americanism, the Toilet vs Restroom scenario...

2006 – The End Of The World!

I cannot imagine what goes on in my wife's head sometimes.  She's been as fearsome as a Viking all year through but now when...

Throne Where All Are Equal

The other day a topic of conversation with friends touched on a sensitive subject ? death, and the great equalizer it is. Whilst I...

Sunday Sililoque

"Daamanna jumped into the neighbour's well last night!" Devappa announced, and released a long jet of saliva shaded scarlet red by the 'bachhire' he...

Sunday Blues

My bike was on a strike last Sunday, and inspite of kicking hard, it refused to to cough. I understood, it needed a long sleep,...

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