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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Wardrobe Malfunction

"My friend Sunitha called me. I was about to call you...then I remembered you had told me that you are busy the whole day"...

2006 – The End Of The World!

I cannot imagine what goes on in my wife's head sometimes.  She's been as fearsome as a Viking all year through but now when...

Alternate Career Path…It’s here!

It was Friday. I was just out of bed. Normally I take about two minutes to drink the morning tea. Friday is an exception....

Area that matters…

I was driving down the Sheikh Zayed Road, close to Shankar's office and suddenly remembered I needed to meet him. I called him up. "Shankar,...

To Sir With Humor – Teachers Day Special

Teachers Day! This colloquial word still evokes the image of a saree clad spectacled lady, brandishing a stick threatening to hypnotize young wards under...

Sunday Blues

My bike was on a strike last Sunday, and inspite of kicking hard, it refused to to cough. I understood, it needed a long sleep,...

The Mega Barter

"Did Suma's husband call you?" Asked my wife."No. what's the matter?" I was sure there is something."May be he will call you tomorrow." She...

From Uncle Sam with Love

Prologue: The son has finally made it big in the US of A. Everything appears bright and beautiful although Xmas is almost a whole year...

New broom, sweep clean!

It was early in the morning. I was in the toilet, trying to hurry morning rituals awaiting my Manager's call. While in tension, nature's...

Throne Where All Are Equal

The other day a topic of conversation with friends touched on a sensitive subject ? death, and the great equalizer it is. Whilst I...

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