Mangaluru: Airport Taximen’s Harassment to Woman – CCTV Nails Culprits, Arrests Likely

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Mangaluru: It is reliably learnt from airport sources that the recent incident that took place outside the premises involving alleged harassment, abuse and manhandling of a woman passenger arriving from Bengaluru by private taxi drivers has been clearly captured in a CCTV network installed there.


The driver had acted spitefully against her for taking up an Ola taxi which service plies at a competitive rate. Even the driver was chased away. Both of them had to walk it up until the main road to catch an autorickshaw, it was reported.

A thorough verification of the entire footage has confirmed the correct picture. The advanced kind of cameras have shown the correct identity of the persons involved.

The case having been shifted to the Bajpe police station now, a team from there is expected to visit the airport to study the footage and identify the culprits involved. Many arrests are likely to be made on Thursday. Legal proceedings would be taken up against them.

It should not be a surprise if some of them go into hiding or seek anticipatory bail. Many citizens and regular travellers have heaved a sigh of relief that this step would eventually break the monopoly of the private taxi lobby and also instill discipline and civil behaviour in them.

It is the general opinion of all flyers that there should be a healthy competition between different operators and no one has the right to take the law into his hands.

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  1. If the arrests are done and justice is given to the lady, then I must say mlore airport authority have done a good job. No taxi driver has the right to be monopoly at the airport.

  2. One should STOP these kind of TAXI MAFIA from Mangalore airport, railway to WELCOME more and more TOURIST VISITS from outiide. Even Bangalore has better transport facilities and good rates. These kind of negative news will kill Mangalore business as well.

  3. I have been reading this news for the last few days in various media forums. Those who said, this incident did not happen and the Taxi union Person Mr. D’cunha who gave statements to the media that this was false allegation etc etc. I am glad with the persistent efforts from the Media and the victim herself it has now been known that the Authorities are taking some action on this incident. The action should be very swift and effective so that these goons will never attempt this kind of behavior with any passengers again. Please dear friends, do not ever use the Airport taxis and this is how we can teach these goons a lesson for their life. United, we can teach these goons a lesson and teach them to behave well with Airport users. Just book the OLA /Uber Cabs direct online and you will end up saving a lot of money and comfort.

  4. But who teach Olga people who cancel at last minute at thier whim. Even after confirmation they cancelled the booking when reached station, leaving me high and dry.

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