Many bhagyas but CM beneficiary of only Kiss Bhagya – ABVP

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Many bhagyas but CM beneficiary of only Kiss Bhagya – ABVP

Mangaluru: The ABVP staged a protest demanding the resignation of former Home Minister K J George, in front of the DC office here, on July 12.

Prior to the protest, a procession was held from Jyothi Circle to the DC office.

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Addressing the protesters, ABVP leader Keerthan said that the government is supposed to provide safety to police officers to carry out their work independently. “Instead this government is putting pressure by unnecessarily transferring police officers. The police have been physically and mentally harassed by politicians. Some police officers who cannot find any other solution, commit suicide or resign from the job. The chief minister along with other ministers are putting pressure on the police officers and harassing them.”

He further said that to protect his friends, the CM himself asked Mysuru DC Shikha not to file a case against Mari Gowda. “Because of the harassment of Labour Minister Parameshwar Naik, DySP Anupama Shenoy resigned from her post. The recent suicide of DySP Ganapathi has directly pointed out the involvement of former Home Minister K J George. Before committing suicide, Ganapathi revealed to a TV channel that he was being harassed by the former HM and two officers. But so far, no action has been taken against K J George. If a police officer commits suicide due to the harassment from a minister, what will be our fate?” he questioned.

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While concluding, Keerthan said that the state government led by Siddaramaiah has implemented many bhagyas but the people of the state have not benefited from them. “Only Siddaramaiah has benefited from Kiss Bhagya,” he added.

Unit Co-convener of ABVP Chethan Padil said that the government is not taking any precaution to prevent police officers from committing suicide. “Police officers are the victims of harassment by ministers. Before committing suicide, DySP Ganapathi had clearly revealed the names of three persons, including former home minister K J George. Even though Ganapathi had revealed this, no action has been taken in this regard. Instead, the CM is trying to protect the minister. The CM even asked other ministers to support K J George in the Ganapathi suicide case. Even in D K Ravi suicide case, George’s name was mentioned.” Chethan urged the CM to not protect K J George in the Ganapathi suicide case. “If K J George will not resign from his post, the CM should drop him from the cabinet.”

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He also said that Ganapathi’s wife and son have filed two complaints. Based on their complaint, cases should be filed. Since the case has already been handed over to the CID, they should be given all the power to investigate the case independently without any interference.

ABVP city secretary Hitesh Bekal, Mohit, Pramodh and other ABVP leaders were also present.

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