RKM’s Swacch Mangaluru Abhiyan a Blessing for Mangaloreans

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RKM’s Swacch Mangaluru Abhiyan a Blessing for Mangaloreans

Mangaluru: The Twenty-fifth week of 7 cleanliness drives of the 400 Abhiyans being organised by Ramakrishna Mission, Mangaluru took off on Sunday, March 26 at 7 different locations in the city.

285 Nanthur – The members of Team Inspiration along with the members of Team Amrita Sanjeevini carried out the cleanliness drive in Nanthur area. Rajgopal Rai and Satish Prabhu jointly flagged off the drive in the presence of Swami Jitakamanandaji. Volunteers under the guidance of Inspector Madan removed the posters from the walls of the bus shelter in Nanthur area and painted the bus shelter giving it a much-needed facelift. Another group of volunteers cleaned the surrounding areas of Nanthur circle. Mithun, Keerthan Shetty and others actively participated in the drive. Sahil, Rakshith, Karthik coordinated more than 100 members of the team in the drive.

286 A B Shetty Circle – The members of Hindu Warriors Group carried out the cleanliness drive in front of Police Commissioner’s office and nearby area. Umanath Kotekar, Coordinator of Swacch Mangaluru Abhiyan and Yogish Kayarthadka jointly flagged off the drive. The area from SP’s office to State Bank along with the road dividers and footpaths were cleaned. The posters stuck to the light posts were removed. Sriniavs Sarapady, Ganesh Pangala, Suma and several others actively participated in the drive.

287 Mulihithlu – The members of Sri Amba Maheshwari Bhajan Mandir took up the drive in Mulihithlu tailor road. Prakash Shetty flagged off the drive. The garden erected on once a dumping yard is being maintained through the sustained efforts of the local residents and volunteers. Tailory road and the adjoining drains were cleaned. An area in Bolar – Mulihithlu has been persistently cleaned for the past three weeks making it a litter free zone now. The land there has now been filled with loads of mud and converted into a parking area. Karthik, Bhujang Shetty, Koosappa and others participated in the drive.

288 Attavar – The devotees and administrative members of Sri Chakrapani Temple carried out the drive in the Chakrapani temple area. The inside and outside premises of the temple were cleaned. The pond belonging to the temple was cleaned and the weeds were cut. The members of Sri Patajnali Yoga Shikashana Group, M V Friends and many other groups participated in the drive. More than 100 volunteers worked for nearly 2 hours.

289 KPT – Students of KPT carried out the drive in front of KPT and adjoining areas of the Highway. Prateeksha and Ritesh flagged off the 7th week of the drive in KPT. One group cleaned the highway and the adjoining footpath by removing weeds and overgrown grass. Another group removed the posters stuck to the light posts near KPT and swept the road and the footpath. Rajendra and Ankush Kumar Hoode coordinated the drive.

290 Chilimbi – The inmates of BCM Minority Hostel carried out the drive in the Chilimbi area. K V Sathyanaraya and Mehboob flagged off the drive. The surrounding areas of Chilimbi Sharada Niketana, main roads and the crossroads were cleaned. The inmates also distributed handbills on awareness of hygiene from door to door in many houses in the Chilimbi area. Subraya Bhat coordinated the drive.

291 Katipalla – The members of JCI Ganeshpura carried out the drive in Katipalla area. Prakash Salian and Vijaya Barkur flagged off the drive. The drive was carried out in Ganeshpura circle and surrounding areas of Mangalapet. The walls of the post office were cleaned as also the road dividers. They were painted anew giving a facelift. Sreesha Karmarana, Vanitha Anchan, Priya and others joined hands in the drive.

Swami Chidambarananda – Convener
Contact Swami Ekagamyanandaji, Co-convener for more details at 9448353162

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