RTI Activist Baliga Murder Case – Accused Shiva Arrested?

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RTI Activist Baliga Murder Case – Accused Shiva Arrested?

Mangaluru: It is reliably understood that Shiva (29) of Urundadigudde of Panjimogeru village here, suspected to have been engaged in the contract killing of RTI activist Vinayak Baliga last month, has been arrested by the city police.


While informed sources said that report was true, there was no official confirmation from the police. Apparently, it was to ensure the early arrest of the another accused, Shrikant (40) of Shantinagar in Kavoor, who is still at large.

Naresh Shenoy, also wanted in the case, is yet to be traced.

Vineet Poojary and Vishit Devadiga were the first ones to be nabbed on March 27.

Case history:

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    • “Remember Biryani episode?” – Rampa

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