Siddaramaiah an honest CM – Ibrahim Kodijal

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Siddaramaiah an honest CM – Ibrahim Kodijal

Mangaluru: MUDA chairman Ibrahim Kodijal held a press meet at the District Congress Office here, on July 13.

Addressing the mediapersons, Kodijal Ibrahim said that the opposition is not allowing the assembly sessions to go on smoothly and this will affect the development in the state. “The issue of various development works in the state were to be discussed during the session but the opposition party is not allowing it to go on smoothly. The opposition is politicizing the recent DySP Ganapathi suicide case by demanding the arrest of Bengaluru Development Minister K J George.”

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Ibrahim further said, “DySP Ganapathi was a very close friend of mine. He was under depression for some months and was under medication. We do not know why he committed suicide. Before committing suicide, DySP Ganapathi was interviewed by a TV Channel where he had mentioned the name of K J George along with two officers. But the opposition is taking advantage of this situation and demanding the resignation of K J George. Why are the BJP and JD(S) not allowing the sessions to function smoothly? When there are problems, the opposition parties should sit, discuss and try to solve them. Instead, the opposition parties are not allowing the house to function.”

“Yeddyurappa is dreaming of winning 150 seats in the coming election. In the history of Karnataka, out of all its CMs only Yeddyurappa has gone to jail! During the BJP’s rule, Yeddyurappa went to jail along with many other BJP leaders. Out of all the promises in the election manifesto, chief minister Siddaramaiah has fulfilled 80% of the promises till now. Instead of appreciating the work of the CM, the opposition is blaming him. Under the leadership of Siddaramaiah, the Congress government has seen to many development works. The poor, minorities and the backward classes are benefiting from many schemes brought by the Congress government. After Devaraj Urs, Siddaramaiah is a very honest Chief Minister who is working for the welfare of the poor and the marginalized,” added Kodijal.

He urged all the party workers to join hands, work unitedly and strengthen the party and see that the party succeeds in the next elections.

When asked why an FIR was not filed against the three who were mentioned in the statement of late DySP Ganapathi, Ibrahim replied that in the country, everyone’s life is precious. “No one should commit suicide because it is not the solution for any problem. The CM has handed over DySP Ganapathi’s case to the CID and it is being investigated. If anyone commits suicide, the police will investigate the case.”

When asked on why Ganapathi’s wife is being blamed for the suicide, Ibrahim said, “We are not blaming the wife. It is the statement from Ganapathi’s father that Ganapathi was undergoing treatment for depression.”

Replying to a question on the statement of the doctor who treated DySP Ganapathi revealing that Ganapathi was not in depression, Ibrahim said that Ganapathi’s father himself said that his son was suffering from depression.

Mayor Harinath, former Mayors Ashraf, Sashidhar Hegde and others were also present.

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