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  • He demanded the Life Insurance Agent, “Give me a policy that covers a span of 30 years”.
    Death laughed and thought “A Day is all you’ve got.”


  • She was ashamed to be seen in her new college with her uneducated, poor mother. “Go Away,” she whispered.
    As she turned to walk away, she silently remembered how her “cool, sophisticated” daughter was the adopted one.


  • “You have to choose between the two of us today.” He yelled at the top of his voice.
    She hugged her two stubborn little boys, grinned and said,
    “Sorry! I love you both equally.”


  • She looked at the cheerful, energetic, lively salesgirl as she showed her a pretty little black dress and thought to herself “Wish I could be as happy as her.”
    The salesgirl couldn’t stop staring at the elegant, beautiful woman and thought “Wish I could be as rich as her.” Inwardly, they both let out a sad sigh.


  • She was a part of their stories, their ups and downs, their love stories and heartbreaks. They had moved on but she still thought of them.
    After all, She was a Teacher!


  • He hated losing in life. But losing his life to his five year old felt so good- In a Game of LUDO.


  • His wife laughed as he kissed the other beautiful girl on her cheeks and hugged her tight.
    She was no longer the only love of his life, she thought happily as she saw him with their grand-daughter.


  • Hearing her cry so loudly brought him a lot of happiness and excitement.
    He was finally a FATHER to the bundle of joy who was just born!


  • He had been faithfully visiting the coffee shop for the last 3 months. As the beautiful waitress smilingly handed him a cup of coffee, he decided in his mind, “Tomorrow, I am proposing to her for sure. No more delaying”.
    As she absentmindedly smiled and handed him her last cup of coffee, she could hear the wedding bells that would ring tomorrow as she married her childhood sweetheart. No more serving at the Coffee Shop!


  • He had fallen in love with the most beautiful girl in class. But he knew he could never propose to her. She looked filthy rich.
    She walked around with her head held high. She knew that if she walked that way in her rich neighbour’s gorgeous looking used clothes no one would suspect her if being a maid’s daughter.


  • He was once filled with the noises and sensations of tiny feet, cheerful families, their festivities, get-togethers and celebrations.
    He hated the shiny NEW APARTMENTS. THEY HAD TAKEN AWAY HIS EVERYTHING! The now lonely, empty, the desolated house stood by the woods waiting to be destroyed once and for all.








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