Karkala: From Mundkur to Sankalakariya – Bison Pair Stays Put in Mission Compound

Karkala: A pair of bison has been on the march around Mundkur during the past few days.

They appear to be moving from place to place. On Monday and Tuesday, they were spotted moving around in Sankalakariya in broad daylight.


On Thursday, they were seen having camped in the rubber plantation in the Mission Compound near the primary school in Sankalakariya.

In spite of people gathering out of curiosity, they stayed undisturbed alhough giving a stare at those clicking photographs. The forest officials, who were trying to convince people that the bisons were harmless unless provoked, themselves looked helpless, without knowing what to do.

If attempts were made to drive them away, they could come charging out of insecurity. As the stalemate continues, the owners of the plantation are the losers, as the animals seemed to be happy munching the banana plants in large numbers.

The forest personnel are said to be seeking guidance and orders from the higher-ups as to what suitable steps could be taken to ensure their march back to the jungle.

Bison bulletins:

(with mobile pic from a reader)

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