Anticipatory Bail for Naresh Shenoy in Baliga Murder case Rejected

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Anticipatory Bail for Naresh Shenoy in Baliga Murder case Rejected

by Prof. Narendra Nayak

Mangaluru: The IInd additional sessions court has rejected the anticipatory bail application of Naresh Shenoy the alleged master behind the gruesome murder of RTI activist Vinayak Baliga, here on April 29.

RTI Activist Vinayak Baliga was murdered on March 21 and the accused has been absconding since March 25. Though he has been able to file an application for anticipatory bail through his lawyer the bungling, police of Mangalore have been unable to apprehend either him or a co- accused Shrikanth who have been at large since then.


If he had got anticipatory bail it could have come to pass that one could mastermind a murder lie low for some days and then get anticipatory bail. Once out on it the criminals could threaten witnesses destroy evidence all with the kind co-operation of the corrupt elements of Mangalore police.

The very nature of their investigation, the shoddy way some were ‘fixed’ into the case make a strong case for having been ‘fixed’ by the master brains behind the murder of Baliga. It has also been rumoured that in order to protect one of such, evidence has been also manipulated.

While the aged parents of Baliga and his unmarried sisters shed their silent tears in helplessness, those who are behind the crime are busy manipulating things to mislead the trial. The very fact that the accused Naresh Shenoy has been able to evade arrest shows the inefficiency of the Mangalore police? Or is it that there are invisible hands behind pulling strings to make them infructuous?

All law abiding citizens of Mangalore are today apprehensive of taking up any cases or complaints against the rich and powerful sections of the society whatever grave injustice they may do. The conduct of the authorities supports this. The accused are now trying to knock at the doors of the higher courts to try for anticipatory bail and keep themselves away from the supposedly long arms of the law, which though now may seem neither long nor strong.

We are having a protest march from the place where Vinayak Baliga was murdered to the Police commissioner’s office on the May 2, at 3:30 pm. This march will pass through Kodialbail – Vitoba temple road – Temple square – Bhavanti street and will culminate at the Police commissioner’s office, where we will present a memorandum to him. We do expect citizens to turn out in large numbers to join us and show that we demand justice for Vinayak Baliga, said Narendra Nayak in a press release.

By Prof. Narendra Nayak

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  1. 1.Venkataramana temple square should be named Vinayak Baliga temple square as he is the person who did real Jirnoddhara of the temple.This will immortalize Baliga.
    2.Money siphoned off from the temple should be legally recovered from the trustees of the temple, named in the High Court Complaint. If you read the names( carefully one of the 10 trustees was also the president of Mangalore stock exchange when it was closed down because of irregularities.( and
    3.Govenment should give a compensation of 12 times the yearly income of Baliga to his family, so that they can survive financially in the same manner when he was alive.
    This money should be recovered from the killers.
    4.For the complaints in building irregularities that he has filed, the Municipal Corporation and administration officials should be booked under the non vicarious clause and hefty financial fines be imposed on them so that building irregularities do not occur in future.

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